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woman with eyebrow lamination

5 Fierce Eyebrow Lamination Looks

Eyebrow lamination looks are the new kid on the block. But If you’re new to this beauty treatment… where have you been?! You’re missing out on a seriously fierce fashion rage which transforms even the unruliest of brows into sleek, refined and oh-so-flattering beauty additions.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. To firstly offer a little more info on what eyebrow lamination involves…

What is eyebrow lamination & how can you get this look?

Eyebrow lamination is a beauty treatment which, through the application of perming and setting solution, helps to reshape and straighten your brow hairs. 

In this interview with Elle, Katie Humphreys (a real beauty boss) explains that eyebrow lamination is “the latest and most exciting treatment to hit the beauty industry, providing a painless solution for eyebrows that don’t have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern.”

(You can also read more about the ‘ins and outs’ of this treatment by discovering our brow lamination course here.)

This treatment is ideal for anyone who experiences gappy eyebrows or has trouble with flyaways, and those seeking a defined, feathery finish to their brows. It’s also a great alternative to the painful alternative of microblading. 

Plus the fact that this treatment can take under an hour to complete… we’re in heaven!   

But we understand you may also now be wondering ‘how long does eyebrow lamination last?’ 

Well, to answer this question… eyebrow lamination can last as long as eight weeks. For the first 24 hours following this treatment, it’s recommended that you avoid getting your brows wet (meaning a big no-no to showers, baths or sweaty exercise). 

However, after the eyebrow lamination has had this period to settle, you’ll be free to wet your face and experience little disturbance to your brows.

So now we’ve clarified what eyebrow lamination is, let’s explore 5 fierce eyebrow lamination looks that we’re in serious lust with.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Image source: Instagram / @Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Just look at those subtle arches! The feathered effect! Rosie’s eyebrows look both soft yet sophisticated and we think they’re absolutely gorgeous. The perfect style for dressing up for a big event or to just boost your everyday cuteness.

Taylor Hill

Image source: Feather brows on Taylor Hill © Instagram – @Patrickta

In comparison to Rosie’s brows, Taylor’s look packs more of an obvious punch. And we are huge fans of it! Taylor’s lamination treatment makes her brows look slick yet sharp, darkly dramatic in all the best ways. Paired with the bold red lipstick and anyone would feel like a real romantic heroine!

Model (featured by Hung Vanngo)

Image source: Instagram / @HUNGVANNGO

Occasionally, when we’re scrolling through Instagram we’ll stumble across a particular snap which just stops us in our tracks… exactly like this pic! Once again, eyebrow lamination has achieved a stylish look which whilst creating definition and structure, doesn’t appear overly manufactured or false. Instead, this model’s brows look all the livelier and youthful for it. J’aime!  

Alexa Chung

Image source: Instagram / @ALEXACHUNG

Alexa Chung… need we say more? Here, you can see how brow lamination can create texture and the impression of controlled movement, especially when viewed in side profile. We think Alexa’s arches are so sophisticated, and with the hairs combed upwards, this has helped lift her brow area. Oh, to have Alexa’s eyebrows!

Jennifer Lawrence

eyebrow lamination looks

Image source: Jennifer Lawrence by Dior

Last but not least, one of our favourite actresses of the moment… Jennifer Lawrence! Once more, you can see how something as simple as smoothing brow hairs in a uniform direction can achieve a silky, polished appearance that helps open up and illuminate the eye area too. This particular look is perfect for achieving those ‘girl next door’ vibes, great for the everyday. 


And if you’d love to see some more eyebrow lamination before and after snaps, check out this article by Glamour. It showcases exactly what kind of results this treatment can achieve for both you and your clients! 

Eyebrow lamination is taking the beauty industry by storm. If you’d like to master these skills for yourself then why not consider completing a brow lamination course online? Read about the New Zealand Beauty School Eyebrow Lamination certificate here and take your first step to discover your inner beauty artist.

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