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Privacy Policy

Learning Online, trading as New Zealand Beauty School
NZBN 9429048476980


1. Privacy Policy Purpose and Aim

New Zealand Beauty School is committed to ensuring we provide protection of your information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and any other applicable privacy laws in New Zealand.

We recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information collected. This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which your “Personal Information”, obtained by us from you, will be dealt with. New Zealand Beauty School will not retain any information outside the permissions of the Privacy Act. It is our intention that this policy will protect your personal information from being dealt with in any way that is inconsistent with applicable privacy laws in New Zealand.

We aim for this Privacy Policy to provide transparency with our customers and the public, to clearly communicate how your information is obtained and stored. This Policy may be updated and is subject to change, and should be reviewed periodically so that you are updated on any changes.

2. The Privacy Act Covers;

2.1 “Personal Information” – Information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable:
2.1.1 Whether the information or opinion is true or not; and
2.1.2 Whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.
2.1.3 Personal Information covers; “sensitive Information”; Information containing; ethnicity or racial origin, gender orientation, philosophical beliefs, criminal records and health information; given that it falls under the definition of personal information.

3. Collection of Information

3.1 New Zealand Beauty School may collect and retain personal information such as; Name, Gender, Phone Number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Residential Address, Level of Education.
3.2 With your consent, New Zealand Beauty School may collect;
3.2.1 Financial Information: New Zealand Beauty School may store general financial information in order to identify eligibility of payment methods suited for enrolment.
3.2.2 Bank Account Details: New Zealand Beauty School may obtain confidential information, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This information may be held with third party payment plan providers depending on the relationship of the customer. Third party providers will be accredited finance or payment providers operating in New Zealand and subject to compliance with applicable New Zealand laws.
3.2.3 Billing and Payment Details: New Zealand Beauty School may hold invoices and unique identifications for liaising purposes with third party payment plan providers depending on the relationship of the customer.
3.2.4 Preferences in Products and Services: New Zealand Beauty School may store course preferences for regulatory and data integrity purposes depending on the relationship of the customer.
3.2.5 Drivers Licence: New Zealand Beauty School may hold ID numbers, legal name and expiry date for third party financial payment plan applications depending on the relationship of the customer.
3.2.6 Current Occupation: New Zealand Beauty School may hold information relating to your current occupation for third party payment plan provider applications depending on the relationship of the customer.
3.2.7 Employment History: New Zealand Beauty School may request prior employment history for provision of consultation.
3.3 New Zealand Beauty School may also collect information directly that relates to services provided by us including;
3.3.1 Website interactions,
3.3.2 Correspondence to and from you via email,
3.3.3 SMS or web chat transcripts.
3.3.4 Telephone conversations with us.
3.4 New Zealand Beauty School will not collect any information outside parameters deemed unnecessary to provide our products and services.
By not providing the above information, New Zealand Beauty School may not be able to assist you with your enquiry. You are entitled to refrain from providing personal information, however New Zealand Beauty School cannot guarantee provision of full service.

4. Why Information is Collected & Stored

New Zealand Beauty School requires specific information to deliver the goods and services that are provided by us and for any applicable regulatory requirements.
4.1 This includes but is not limited to;
4.1.1 To provide you information specific to your enquiries, Registering into Short Courses, Processing Payment Plans, Data Analytics, Direct Marketing via Email & SMS, Compliance Assurance, Quality Assurance, Student Eligibility and Affordability.

5. How Information is Collected

5.1 New Zealand Beauty School typically collects information that is directly provided by the customer as described in clause 3;
5.1.1 This may be directly via phone, the information you provide through our website and via email.
5.2 Personal Information outlined in clause 3.1 is also collected through third party marketing providers, under a fee for service agreement
5.3 New Zealand Beauty School may use Cookies through this website to provide you with a better experience. These cookies allow us to increase your security by storing your session ID and are a way of monitoring a single user access. New Zealand Beauty School may use website analytics and usage tracking information for the purpose of advertising. This aggregate, non-personal information is collated and provided to us to assist in analysing the usage of the site

6. Who else will see your information

6.1 The information provided from you, to us, will not be disclosed to any other third party unless an agreement of study has been accepted.
6.2 Personal information may be shared with the payment provider in accordance with clause 3 and education institutes in accordance with the agreement made between the customer and New Zealand Beauty School.
6.3 Information acquired by us, excluding any Credit Card information, is held on a database accessible to all staff employed by New Zealand Beauty School during their employment.
6.4 New Zealand Beauty School does not retain or store any Credit Card information.
6.5 Depending on the nature of the relationship between the customer and New Zealand Beauty School, information may be shared with others, and postal providers on an as needed basis.
6.6 New Zealand Beauty School does not currently disclose any Personal Information outside of New Zealand.

7. Correcting & Obtaining your Information

7.1 Any information that is held by New Zealand Beauty School can be updated by contacting us through;
7.1.1 Our website enquiry submission page
7.1.2 Sending an email to [email protected]
7.1.3 Calling us on 0800 121 805
7.2 If you wish to obtain details about any of your personal information held in our database, you are entitled to do so, please contact us on 0800 121 805.

8. Storing Personal Information
8.1 New Zealand Beauty School will store your information for as long as deemed necessary for our business practices and in accordance with New Zealand laws.
8.2 If you object to the storage of your personal information after the completion of, or termination of services provided to you, whereby our customers are entitled to request, New Zealand Beauty School will take the necessary steps to de-identify your Personal Information.

9. Privacy & Security

9.1 New Zealand Beauty School has ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) policies to ensure the data accessible to any employee is handled in accordance with this policy.
9.2 New Zealand Beauty School employees, and contractors who provide services related to our information systems, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by us.
9.3 New Zealand Beauty School will endeavour and take reasonable steps to ensure that information stored by us is secure and free from any unauthorised access.
9.4 New Zealand Beauty School is obligated to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 and will update this Privacy Policy to maintain relevance and compliance.

10. Problems or Questions
10.1 If we become aware of any ongoing concerns or problems with the storage of Personal Information we will take these issues seriously and work to address these concerns.
10.2 If you have any further queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or you have a problem or complaint, please email us at [email protected]
10.3 Written concerns or complaints can also be posted to us at:
New Zealand Beauty School
Level 2/142 Broadway
Auckland, New Zealand 1023 

We require that your complaint be in writing to ensure it is monitored and  addressed in accordance to our customer service mission