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5 steps to improve lash retention

Close up of eyelash extensions

How long do lash extensions last? Up to 6 weeks of roll-out-of-bed glamour if professionally applied, which is what makes this sumptuous treatment so seriously popular. 

But nobody likes their gorgeous lash extensions leaving the party early – which is why Lash Retention is a hot topic in the beauty community right now. But what is lash retention? 

Well, retention refers to how long eyelash extensions last on the natural lash before falling out. So, naturally, maximising that potential is something all beauty aficionados want to know.

And we’ve got 5 top tips for elevated eyelash extension retention, to give you and your clients that fluttery look for longer. Including some seriously good eyelash extensions secrets to share with your clients, and the best retention eyelash extension glue tactics. 

Let’s begin with…

1. Start fresh

You want the best base possible for ultimate retention. 

Ensure your client’s lashes are completely clean before application. That means they need to know that they should come with no mascara, eyeliner, moisturiser or oil-based products on or around their eyes so that the application can be strong and stable. 

Even when they come bare-faced, be sure to prime your client’s lashes before application (both for a full set and a refill appointment), concentrating particularly on the base of the lash line. You can even use a little micropore tape gently along the lash line to clean up particularly dirty lashes in a swish!

2. Stay fresh

Make sure your adhesive is always, always fresh! Probably one of the biggest reasons for the lack of retention is stale glue. 

The thing is, the moment you open an adhesive it starts to slowly degrade as it comes into contact with air. Moisture seeps inside with every application, which means retention diminishes ever so slightly after each use. This is why replacing your adhesive every 30 days is one of the best ways to have your retention on point. 

While this might seem counterproductive and expensive, your client’s results are too important to risk reduced adhesion. It’s their reviews and enjoyment of your service that will keep your lash business thriving – so don’t neglect this and set a phone reminder every 30 days! 

3. Store it right

Now you have your lovely, fresh adhesive – make sure you are storing it right. Adhesives set when they come into contact with moisture, which means opened bottles of adhesive need to be kept upright with the lid on tight. Even better – place them in a small airtight container with an oxygen absorber to prevent any excess moisture build-up. This will ensure your adhesive degrades at a much slower rate. 

Storing opened bottles of lash adhesive in the fridge? Big no! Each time you take your lash adhesive out that pesky condensation will be building up on the inside of the bottle, from the sudden temperature fluctuations and that open airway, meaning you’ll be causing degradation to speed up. 

4. Use it right

One big tip is that using the correct adhesive for the room temperature and humidity you work in can be a total game-changer for retention. Adhesives often have an ‘ideal working range’ you can suss out, which is determined mostly by humidity. 

Rather than rushing to buy gadgets or fiddling with the thermostat, simply try and stock both a high and a low humidity lash adhesive – so you’ve got an option for every kind of day. This way you can adapt your game plan to the current conditions, and keep your client’s looks staying gorgeous for longer, no matter the weather. 

A hygrometer is a great investment, and fairly cheap to buy, as it can help you check the conditions of your room. 

5. Pass it on

Share these golden rules with your clients, to make sure they aren’t unknowingly undoing your great work at home:

  • Encourage them to sleep on their back if they can!
  • Cleanse their lashes daily with the correct lash cleanser – ie: an eyelash extension approved cleanser. If they are using a cheap or unapproved version they’ll be degrading the adhesive.
  • They must cleanse any sweat off the lashes straight after workouts, and definitely wait 24 hours after application before heading to the gym. 
  • They should avoid any ‘eyelash growth’ products, as these will speed up the natural lash cycle causing quicker shedding. No thanks!
  • They must choose their makeup carefully – oils and glycol should be avoided in the lash area where possible, and removed with care if they come into contact with the lash extensions. 
  • They should avoid excess steam and heat – that means avoiding the sauna and waiting for steam to escape before reaching into the oven!
  • Encourage returning for fills regularly, 2-3 weeks is a great time frame. In the long term, they’ll keep those lashes looking fabulous for longer. 

There you have it! Our top retention tips for eyelash extension lovers. 

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