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Classic, hybrid and volume lashes – how to choose what’s right for your client?

Eyelash being brushed

For hundreds of years, techniques and treatments that enhance the look of our lashes have been one of the main ways in which we define our facial features. These little fans that sit above our eyes have become a source of creative inspiration, with different trends coming into style at different points in history and having people racing to the salon to get the latest lash look.

But when it comes to classic, hybrid and volume lashes – how to choose what’s right for your client?

If you are in the business of lash wizardry, it can sometimes be a challenge to get your client to decide on the huge array of styles now available.

Never fear! New Zealand Beauty School is here to help you whittle down the choices and help your clients find the best look to suit their unique lashes.

The different types of lashes – choosing what’s right for your client

The eyelash beauty sector has become increasingly popular; gone are the days of attempting to apply uncomfortable plastic false lashes with glue that never quite seems to stick. 

There are now SO many treatments available on the market that will provide your clients with beautiful, long-lasting lashes that will give them a magic boost of confidence.

Classic lashes 

Classic lashes are an amazing choice for clients who are wanting a more natural look. This style of lash involves the attachment of natural-looking eyelash extensions, with the intention of lengthening and enhancing the natural lashes. 

The extensions are attached individually to each separate lash, a delicate but extremely worthwhile process. 

These lashes offer a gentle, almost doe-eyed effect and are perfect for those who have perhaps not had a treatment applied to their lashes before.

Sometimes a little goes a long way!

Classic lash infographic; classic lashes are great for a more natural look

Volume lashes 

Volume lashes are applied in a similar way to classic lashes but with some extra flair! 

Rather than one extension being applied per lash, several are applied, creating a more voluminous and striking look. The number of extensions per lash can range from 2 – 10, depending on the client’s preference. 

Volume lashes are particularly popular in high glamour looks due to their extremely enhancing nature and how they lend themselves well to bold and daring looks.

Volume lashes infographic; volume lashes are applied similarly to classic lashes

Hybrid lashes 

As Hannah Montana famously said – ‘You get the best of both worlds!’ 

Combining both volume techniques with lengthening individual lash extensions, the result is a beautifully wispy yet full and bold look. 

This lash treatment is a brilliant choice for any client who doesn’t want to sacrifice volume whilst seeking a more natural lash look and texture.

To help your client choose the perfect lash look for them, it is important to supply them with the relevant information about each treatment, as well as getting to know the health and state of your client’s lashes and learning what end result they want to achieve.

Hybrid lashes; combining volume techniques with lengthening individual lash extensions

Add a pop of colour

Lashes are no longer fated to stay their natural colour forever. Oh no, the coloured lashes trend has swept the nation, and they have become all the rage – a super fun option for anyone looking to spice up their look and try something a bit different. 

Coloured lash extensions come in pretty much any shade you can imagine, making a client’s only limit their imagination. Get your hands on some coloured lashes mini trays and become creative with colour combinations, as well as learning to create a coloured lashes easy fan for a bold and exciting look that will turn heads.

Learn how to apply coloured lashes in Australia and get to grips with truly avant-garde eyelashes!

Simple ways your clients can enhance their lashes (if they don’t have access to a salon)

Is your client unable to get regular lash treatments at a salon? No sweat! Here are a few top tips you can offer to any clients who want to recreate enhanced lashes at home:

  • Eyelash curlers – Investing in a decent pair of eyelash curlers can be an easy and thrifty way to get salon-looking lashes from the comfort of your own home.
  • Mascara – You can never go far wrong with trusty old mascara. With a huge choice of brands, formulas and wand styles, at-home lash enhancement has never been so easy. Easy, quick application is the order of the day, and once you find one that you love, you will never want to part with it. There is a reason why the classics stay so popular!
    As a lash tech, it is important to know the best products on the market and be able to recommend these to clients depending on their needs and wants.
  • High-quality false lashes – Whether glue on or the new innovative magnetic lashes, buying a set of reliable false lashes that you really love can add a boost of confidence to your day. Especially when you are perhaps looking for a more affordable way to enhance your look.

Want to take your beauty craft further?

Whether you have previous training or are starting from scratch, we have a wonderful selection of eyelash-based short beauty courses right here at the New Zealand Beauty School!

Our professional lash courses offer flexible, comprehensive training to get your career off to a flying start. Take a look at our eyelash extension course or our Certificate in Eyelash Lift and Tint and see which one takes your fancy. Who knows, maybe you’ll finish one and want to do the other!

Completing an eyelash extension course online gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore your craft from home, allowing you to learn at a pace and within a schedule that suits you and your lifestyle.

At New Zealand Beauty School, all our beauty courses come with your very own beauty kit, which will be sent directly to your door, containing everything you need to get started. Our downloadable course brochures contain further information about eyelash training course content and modules, as well as a rundown of how things work using our online learning system. 

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We love hearing from you, and our friendly course advisors are always on hand to help with any questions or queries you might have regarding aspects of your beauty training or enrolment. 

Grab yourself a space on a lash technician course with New Zealand Beauty School and discover your potential today!

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