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Coloured lash extensions – love them or hate them?

Coloured lash extensions

Coloured mascara has been trending in the beauty world for a little while now, but there’s something new on the scene – coloured eyelash extensions. That’s right, you can now rock the coloured eye trend in extension form!

Coloured lash extensions – love them or hate them – are here to stay, and we’re going to run you through how to style these fluttering icons & how to add them to your beauty business repertoire. 

Learn how to give your eyes an on-trend pop by some rainbow-realness, or mix and match fun to your lash line. Because besides being the scene-stealer in any photo-op, they can add a new dimension to your styling and beauty looks. 

But first, what are coloured eyelash extensions?

Where once only black ruled, lash manufacturers are now offering extensions in a huge variety of tones, from the wild to the subtle. They can work much like an eyeshadow, by bringing out the colour of your client’s eyes or accenting a particular feature. 

As well as allowing the flamboyant beauty fanatic to express their personality, with a deeper selection of lash colours you can compliment any skin tone and eye colour with a more natural shade than black – which doesn’t work for everyone. Therefore, stocking a variety of colours is a more accessible and personalised approach to your lash business. 

Plus, they have all the advantages of regular extensions clients love! Increasing volume, enhancing length and having that fabulous ‘roll-out-of-bed-and-go’ ability. 

Stylish coloured lashes

Here are a few ways you can rock colourful eyelash extensions, offering some multicoloured inspiration!

Matchy matchy

There’s nothing more satisfying than matching your poppy hair to some poppy lashes. Creating a subtle draw to the eye, matching with a costume, hair colour or even eye colour is a clever way to create a dramatic look that’s sure to stand out and draw attention. 

Pop with pastels

If you have clients who want to create a dramatic look with a discrete edge, pastels are the way to go. These pastel purple lashes are the perfect accessory to an urban day out. Aslo – purple + green eyes = love!

Go ombre

Add a touch of magic to any set of extensions with an ombre effect. Layering lash colours can create a stunning shimmer of colour, like this fall-inspired set. 

Get earthy

Brown is making waves in the extension world, offering a softer, more natural look than black, adding an earthy edge to any look. They stand out, by fitting in. Sure to turn heads and thrill your clients. 

Go all out 

Got a big event or themed party? Want to really stand out from the crowd? Then rainbow lashes are your best friend. Better yet – match it to rainbow hair!

Adding coloured lash extensions to your beauty repertoire

Coloured lashes are not your everyday eyelash extension, so adding them to your beauty business offering will set you apart from other artists in your area. A premium, bespoke service that is sure to bring excited clients your way.  

Plus, that extra-special ombre look is impossible to achieve with mascara alone, so advertising this service will bring beauty fanatics flocking to your door to try this latest trend. With knowledge of individual eyelash applications, you will be a master of ombre lash extensions, impressing your clients with a bespoke finish.

Want to learn how to become an eyelash extension pro? Want to offer clients coloured eyelash extensions in Australia? Then you’ll need to brush up on your skills and enhance your knowledge.

Join our Eyelash Extension Course to equip yourself with both the theoretical and practical expertise to effectively apply and remove individual lashes and lash clusters, adapt extensions to the client’s eye shape and style Instagram-worthy full, luscious lashes. Whether you’re new to the lash game and looking to kickstart your own salon or home-based business, or you’re simply excited to nail this new skill, our comprehensive online course is perfect for beauty therapy bosses of all abilities.  

You’ll be able to apply your newfound skills to create ombre looks, popping powerful impact & offer coloured lash extensions in the whole of New Zealand! Adding this premium service to your skills will help your beauty business thrive and set you up for success. Join Today!

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