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How do I start a hair extension business from home?

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Hair extensions are as popular as ever for their ability to add length, volume and glossy texture to any look. Learning this skill is also a fantastic option if you have always dreamed of running a beauty business from home, as unlike traditional hairdressing training courses, extensions are a more streamlined, efficient and high value income source. (Plus they’ll help you take advantage of reduced travel costs and working the hours you choose, whilst running a thriving business.)

Whether you’ve been working in salons and are ready to make the move, or you are just starting up and planning your new beauty boss life, here are the steps to help you start a hair extension business from home.  

1) Complete a hair extensions training course

While there are no legal requirements for practicing hair extensions application, training is still essential. To wow clients and keep them coming back, you’ll need to provide outstanding customer service and create tailored looks that impress. Not to mention how a properly trained and experienced hair extension technician can charge between $500 – $800 per application! 

Hair extension courses come in a variety of forms, but an online course has some truly amazing benefits to take advantage of:

  • No travel costs
  • Keep working around your training
  • Start practicing from day 1
  • Fits around childcare and other responsibilities

The Australian Beauty School hair extensions training course provides all these benefits, and more! 

We will teach you how to master the different methods for application, after care and maintenance, as well as how to provide a personalised experience for each and every client with the latest techniques, trends and methodology. 

With 24 hour access and expert tutor support, you’ll be set up for home business success. Plus, you’ll receive a full, personalised kit to aid your journey to learning hair extensions -enabling you to start honing your craft from the minute you start! 

2) Choose your business name

This can really help you to have a clear image, direction and brand for your business. You could use your own name, a favourite inspiration of yours, or use a random name generator! Whichever name you choose, use it as the centre of your marketing plan – in choosing your colour scheme, your niche area and your approach. Remember: uniqueness sells!

Plus, it’s good to have a snoop online and see if the name you love is available. If so you’ll then want to snap it up, and register this domain name for your website and social media platforms. 

3) Choose a business structure

Most hair extension technicians choose to work as a sole trader. This means they are self employed and require you to apply for a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).

You may also prefer to set up a partnership or limited company, which can offer a little more protection, depending on your circumstances. 

4) Speak to your local council

Contact your local council to find out if you need a special permit or permission to operate your beauty business from home. If you’re thinking of making any physical changes to your home, for example erecting a sign or shop front, you’ll likely need to get their approval first. 

5) Invest in insurance and equipment

Any startup requires investment, but some items are more essential than others. Business insurance can help give you peace of mind by covering the following:

  • Damage loss due to an unexpected event or disaster
  • Accident or illness which means you can no longer work
  • Theft and other unforeseen damage or loss of earnings

Of course, you’ll also need that all important equipment, and a dedicated space in your home in which to work. This is the fun part for many – creating a space that has the feel and experience you want your customers to enjoy. It could be bright and poppy, or chic and elegant, just be consistent to your brand name, image and overall themes. 

6) Grow your client base

You are ready to go! Now it’s time to start growing the beauty business you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Using effective marketing, word of mouth and perhaps speaking or exhibiting at local events, you can start to create some serious traction. Be sure you are maintaining your social media presence, staying in contact with your email list, using printed adverts and maybe writing some blog posts too!

Another fantastic way to expand your client base is to add extra skills to your services. For example, by completing one of our other hair and makeup school courses you can create amazing packages to attract more beauty lovers to your home salon. 

Why not add a nail tech qualification or makeup artistry certificate to your repertoire, and start running bridal hair and makeup courses or girls night packages for your local area? Soon you could become the go-to salon for those special celebrations and feel good moments your clientele adore lavishing on themselves.

To guide you even further on how to start a hair extension business from home, our extension certificate comes with a full module on running your business. So you can be equipped, prepared and feel powerful in your home salon and in the business world. 

Join us today, and see where your certificate could take you!

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