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How do you become a makeup artist in New Zealand?

A makeup artist doing a client's makeup

Many of us become fascinated by the concept of makeup from a young age, perhaps watching in wonder as our mothers or big sisters applied their favourite lipstick, admiring the powder puffs and smokey eyeshadows laid out on the dresser, just begging to be tried out. Throughout history, makeup has been a tool to tell the world who we are and express ourselves in our boldest, most creative light.

From the tickle of a blush brush to the slickest eyeliner pen, makeup has become a day-to-day phenomenon, with new products and techniques being released constantly. The rise of social media and beauty influencers has meant people can access tutorials and inspiration from anywhere, allowing them to hone their craft and confidence from the comfort of their own homes and thus forming a new generation of makeup artists.

The job of a makeup artist

At times, the use of makeup has had negative ideals attached to it – by wearing it you are somehow covering up, not accepting yourself as you are, hiding behind a mask.

Makeup artists see makeup as something different. 

They see it as a creative outlet, the same way in which many artistic industries are so popular for recreation; makeup is no different. It is an enhancer, a way to accentuate the beauty that we all already possess. It is a fun way to extend ourselves, similarly to how we style our hair or clothes. It makes us feel GOOD.

Self-esteem is an extremely powerful driver, and our war paint, whether it’s a natural vibe of full-blown bridal beauty, can feel like an encouraging older sibling cheering us on to face the day, giving you that extra ounce of confidence to be the best version of yourself. Our American neighbours over at The New York Times present an insightful article from a makeup artist who writes about how using makeup can in fact be an act of self-love.

And an MUA’s job doesn’t just stop at a bright lip or sculpted liner – oh no! A makeup artist will work closely with their client to achieve their desired outcome, taking into account skin tone and dermal sensitivity, colour palettes, looks that will accentuate face shape and so on.

Sounding good?

Have a stirring passion for the paintbrush? Want to make people feel their best? Well, have you considered a career as a makeup artist? 

One of the best ways to get your career off to a beautiful start is by training in a makeup course. Here at New Zealand Beauty School, we offer a professionally tailored online makeup artist course in our Certificate in Professional Makeup Artistry. Makeup courses will provide you with a creative, supportive space in which to practice and explore your craft and find out what kind of makeup artist you want to be.

Celebrity and high-end events, working on film or modelling sets, bridal makeup…the world is your oyster!

Why choose New Zealand Beauty School?

Our makeup certificate comes with a custom-designed kit containing everything you will need to complete your training, sent right to your front door. The kit will have all the necessary gear to aid you on your MUA journey, allowing you to experiment and explore from the comfort of your own home. You will learn all the classic tips, tricks and techniques, as well as start to curate your own branding and find where you fit in the beauty industry.

All our courses come with a downloadable brochure with further information about course content, modules and assessments, accessing your learning online and tutor support. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of attainment, adding that touch of impressive professionalism to offer to potential employers.

We offer an interest-free payment plan where you can pay your fees in instalments, paying a small amount per week, or you can receive a discount if you choose to pay your course fees upfront.

Studying in one of our makeup courses will give you 24/7 access to your studies, allowing you the flexibility to work your learning around your schedule and lifestyle.

Enrol in one of our makeup courses today and start bringing your dreams, and the dreams of others, to life.

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