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How much can you earn as a nail tech?

Nails done by a nail tech

Are you always scrolling Pinterest for the latest nail trends? Have you always loved practising creative looks at home on your own tips? Have you been thinking about going to school and becoming a licensed nail technician?

If so – this blog post will be the ideal read for some perfectly painted scrolling! 

With the New Zealand beauty industry valued at $1bn, it’s a fantastic career path to choose for those passionate about these creative accessories. Perhaps you dream of running an at-home or mobile nail bar, or even owning an empire of salons? 

Whatever your goal, this article will run you through your options for nail tech courses & the kind of salary you can expect to work towards on graduation. 

Let’s get started by looking more closely at life as a nail tech!

What does a nail tech do?

A nail technician has specialised training in the grooming, maintenance & appearance of a client’s fingernails and toenails. They might provide a mix of manicures, pedicures, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal, synthetic nail treatments, and application of nail polish or art for their clients.

Daily duties include:

  • Maintaining and cleaning equipment
  • Organising a client diary and replying to enquiries
  • Meeting and greeting clients
  • Cleaning, filing and grooming nails
  • Maintenance work such as trimming and removal of the cuticle & moisturising the skin of the hands and feet
  • Offering massages to improve circulation and relaxation
  • Offer strengthening treatments to the natural nail
  • Add on acrylic nails, gel coverings, or polishes
  • Consult on artwork and offer creative ideas 
  • Offer aftercare advice and rebook appointments 
  • Remove previous applications 

As a qualified nail tech, you can choose to work in a number of scenarios and settings. You could be employed at a nail salon with other technicians. In some cases, the salon may rent you a station, which could be a set amount each month or a percentage of what you earn. You could also work in wider beauty services, such as spas, a hairdressing salon, or at events.  

You could, alternatively, decide to set up your own nail business and operate from your own home or visit clients in their own homes or workspaces. This could have the advantages of being able to set your own work schedule, and removing any rent costs. 

Infographic: The New Zealand beauty industry is valued at $1billion

How much can you earn as a nail tech?

Your earnings as a nail technician will depend on a number of factors: your training level, experience, location, the services you provide & the environment in which you work. 

In New Zealand, the average salary of an employed nail technician, working in a salon, spa or equivalent, is around $48,000. This is a fantastic income for doing something you really love, and a great way to add stability to your beauty therapy work. 

However, if you wanted to take more control of your earnings, and your schedule, you could choose to work from home or as a mobile technician. Whilst you might have to invest in your own kit, your earnings could rise to 6 figures! 

While you might initially charge around $30 – $40 for a set of nails, as your experience, your skills and your clientele list grows, you could raise your prices. Some of the top nail techs in the most affluent areas charge around $80 – $100 a set. Don’t forget you can add extras onto this too, with packages or bundles of extra treatments. 

If you reached 4 clients a day average spend of $100, that would net you $400 a day. In a year that would equate to over $100,000 a year!

But to get to that point requires you to slay your nail game. You’ll need to know how to do the latest nail fashions and trends that will keep you in demand, have the ultimate customer service for your clientele, and continually update your training. To reach these goals, you’re going to need the best nail technician course. 

Training to be a nail technician

Our nail tech course has been developed by industry professionals to deliver the highest standard of training you could wish for. You’ll be versed in the latest techniques and trends,  with a thorough knowledge of acrylics, gel polish, builder gel application and dipping systems.

Plus, you’ll learn how to master the art of relationship building, customer service, consulting with your client and the legalities surrounding offering these services. Meaning you’ll stand a cut above the rest and be a firm favourite with all the beauty babes that come your way.

You could polish up your skills even further, with a Certificate in Manicures & Pedicures to add to your CV. Teaching you how to create stunning nail shapes from a popular oval shape to the uber fashionable stiletto, and covering the classics of nail art theory. 

Taught through theoretical and practical based modules, the advantage of our online nail technician courses is that they are completely self-paced, meaning you can fit this training and education in around your current work or lifestyle. 

They are cost-effective too, as each course comes with both an affordable monthly payment plan AND an exclusive nail technician starter kit. Supplying you with the essential professional tools and materials to work on live models, future clients and to earn income to cover the training costs. Meaning there’s nothing standing between you and your future as a nail tech boss!

Infographic: In New Zealand, the average salary of an employed nail technician is $48,000

How to boost your nail tech career

To really take your nail tech career to new heights, follow these essential tips:

  • Slay Your Social Game – Experiment with new content like TikTok & Instagram Reels to grow your following and send your signature style to a wider audience. 
  • Rebook Every Time – When your client finishes their new set, rebook their appointment there and then if you can. Repeat business is the key to growing your beauty business.
  • Keep A Database – Keep a database of all your clients, either over Whatsapp or email, so that you can send them promotions directly, quickly and efficiently.

Are you ready to start your new role, your own salon or mobile business? Join us today!

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