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How to get the perfect arch

Eyebrows are to protect our eyes infographic

Eyebrow trends are ever-changing. From the thin pencil-line brows of the 90s all the way to modern day where thick brows are the fashion, it cannot be denied that how we style our eyebrows can make or break a look.

Indeed, the shape and arch of our brows can completely change our appearance, depending on how they frame our face – thickness, length, shape and colour all being major factors in constructing dream brows. And so we need beauty superheroes to know how to tame the beasts we call brows!

Budding eyebrow technicians – we’re looking at you!

So, how can these beauty experts work their magic and create the perfect arch for their clients?

We are going to take you through some of the best treatments and methods to help you create that perfect high-arch brow look for your clients, and who knows, we might even tempt you into learning more with one of our exceptional online beauty courses!

But first things first…

The facts about our brows 

What are eyebrows? Why do we have them? What do they do? How many of us actually take the time to think about our brows and what their purpose is? Well, we are here to shed some light on the subject.

The number one job of eyebrows is to protect our eyes. Eyes are extremely delicate and sensitive, and our brows form a barrier to stop foreign liquids such as rain and sweat from getting in. The liquid reaches the brows and is then syphoned off to the side and away from the eyes. 

Our brows also help minimise the amount of dirt or grit that gets into our eyes, as well as shielding them from light, our own mini built-in sun parasol.

Brows are not just physically useful but also emotionally. They play a large part in the creation of facial expression, allowing us to communicate and show emotion without necessarily having to use words.

Now we know why they are there, let’s focus on creating those perfect arches – brows can be both helpful AND beautiful!

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How to get the perfect arch

There are many ways to accentuate and highlight the often-desired high eyebrow arch:


Makeup is probably the most accessible way of accentuating eyebrow arches. With brow tools, pencils and pomades, defining brows and getting the shape and colour you want has never been easier. 

Our favourite quick tip for accentuating a sharp, high arch is by using a small amount of concealer, lighter eyeshadow colour or highlighter under the brow once it has been shaped. This can help highlight the highest point of the brow bone, making your arches seem even more prominent.

Growing and shaping 

Sometimes, getting your dream brows will require a lot of patience. Years of plucking can mean we are left with minimal brows to work with until they grow in again. This time can be frustrating, as brows can be wayward, but your patience will pay off. Once your brows have grown to your desired fullness, you can start the correct waxing and plucking process.

Our top tips: always seek professionals when looking to wax your eyebrows, and if you would rather pluck at home, only ever pluck underneath the brows, as plucking above can straighten them out and lower your natural arch.

Tinting and brow henna 

The use of a semi-permanent colour such as brow tint or henna is a great way to make browns seem fuller whilst adding precise definition and shape. 

Depending on your natural brow thickness, you can consult with a brow technician about your desired shape and what you want to have accentuated – e.g arches – helping you achieve the perfect look for you.


If you are looking for a more longer-lasting eyebrow effect, microblading has become a popular semi-permanent option. The treatment involves tattooing in the client’s desired brow shape to create the perfect look to suit their unique face. This takes considerable skill, but if done well can create beautifully sharp brows and high arches.

Brow lamination 

One of the BIGGEST eyebrow trends to hit the beauty industry in recent years is eyebrow lamination. Lamination is one of the newest and most popular brow treatments on the market, and creates a natural feathered look to the brows by restructuring the hairs, pushing them upwards to create a thicker and fuller effect, as well as helping to lift the face and enhance the arches.

NZBS how to get the perfect brows infographic banner 1

Want to help others get the highest arches in the business?

Enrolling on an eyebrow technician course is one of the best steps you can take to boost your career. Beautician courses in your chosen sector will equip you with all the best tools and knowledge to deliver top-quality services that will keep clients coming back for more.

Want to master the high-demand art of brow lamination? We’ve got you covered! 

Our Certificate in Eyebrow Lamination will teach you how to apply lamination treatments, information about hair structure and brow shaping, as well as knowledge in product types, aftercare and covering yourself legally in key circumstances.

Perhaps you want to get a few more strings to your beauty bow? No problem! We also offer beauty courses online in Eyebrow Henna as well as Wax and Tint:

  • Certificate in Eyebrow Henna – You will learn how to use henna to aid your clients in achieving defined brows that give a similar look to microblading but without the needles. You will learn about different henna products and colour-matching, as well as eyebrow mapping and hair structure, giving you all the tools you will need to deliver professional services.
  • Certificate in Eyebrow, Facial Waxing and Tinting – Our tinting and waxing course will teach you how to reshape and define brows, bringing out and enhancing their natural beauty and perfecting framing them to each client’s unique face shape. An eyebrow waxing course is an excellent way to solidify your skills in eyebrow shape and construction. 

All of our brow courses come with a professionally curated custom beauty kit that will be delivered straight to your door, containing everything you will need to get you started on your voyage of eyebrow discovery. Each course comes with a downloadable brochure with further details on course content, modules and assessments, accessing your learning online and tutor support during your training. 

Here at New Zealand Beauty School we want you to feel supported in reaching your fullest potential, so feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have regarding any of our brow courses.

Get your future into shape with one of New Zealand Beauty School’s online beauty therapy courses and discover your brow speciality!

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