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Makeup looks for every season

Woman with blue flower makeup

There are so many stunning makeup looks for every season; it’s one of our favourite topics! And what better way to welcome in a new season than with a fresh new look that embraces the colours and tones of the changing world around you?

Trying out something new with your makeup can be a great way to mix things up and give yourself a boost of confidence as the weather starts to turn. Maybe light spring and summer florals are your bag, with pastel tones a-plenty and delicate, dewy makeup. Or perhaps you are a winter baby, smoky oranges and browns making you fit for a trip to the pumpkin patch, and bold, classic looks have you feeling Christmas party-ready.

Whatever your vibe, there is sure to be a makeup look to suit your favourite season, and to offer a little inspiration we have put together a little list of some fun looks to try with the start of each new season.

Come along for the ride!


Springtime colour palette 

So, it’s springtime. The lambs are running in the fields, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and the smell of a fresh start is in the air. 

Pastel pinks, blues and yellows are the order of the day, with gentle calm tones that match the prettiest of seasons. The world is waking up anew, and so it is the perfect time to explore with your look and find new techniques and tricks that work for you.

Natural makeup is the vibe of this season, with pretty and subtle eyeshadow, pops of lip tint or gloss, and sweet rosy blush will make you as fresh as a new daffodil.

Fresh as morning dew 

Dewy makeup has become extremely popular, and this look is absolutely MADE for springtime. 

A natural, dewy base with a dash of shimmery highlight applied to the cheekbones, the corners of the eyes and the Cupid’s bow will make your look pop, and ensure you sparkle in like morning dew in the spring sunshine.

Floral fun 

Why not pick out your favourite flower and create a look inspired by it? A pink tulip, fresh daisies or merry forget-me-nots all have the potential to inspire gorgeous spring makeup looks. 

And how about getting creative with some intricate patterns and decals? Floral stencils and appliques can be a fun addition to a makeup look, and you can welcome in the season with some real flower power.


Summery colour palette 

The sun is blazing in the sky and golden and bronze tones will catch the light perfectly. 

Sun-kissed oranges, reds and yellows can add a bold vibe to your summer makeup, and pops of striking blue can give a taste of the summer sky and sea. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Choose your summer vibe 

Summer days can vary, and there are endless possibilities to inspire your sunny day makeup. Are you someone who loves long days spent lounging on the grass with a book, a more classic and fresh makeup look sounding like something you would like? 

Maybe your favourite part of a summer day is the peachy sunsets, and you want a makeup look that glows in the late afternoon light? Or for the beach babe in all of us, bronze tones and highlighter with wet-look brows can be the perfect look.

Whatever your summer vibe, the only limit is your imagination!

Keeping cool and sun-safe

If there is one thing we know about summer, it is that it can get SWEATY. Thick, heavy makeup will mix with your sweat and clog your pores, leaving you uncomfortable by the end of the day. With summer makeup, the key is to build light layers that will withstand the heat whilst ensuring that you don’t feel clogged up and sticky within a few hours.

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again because it is SUPER important – make sure to apply high SPF to your face and body regularly when out in the summer sun, and choose SPF makeup for an added layer of protection.


Autumnal colour palette 

Browns, oranges, golds, red – if it is the colour of an autumn leaf, you are along the right track. 

Cool and stylish 

When the cooler seasons hit, why not try adding a darker touch to your makeup? Smokey eyes, a darker lip, perhaps some sharper eyeliner or more angular contour can be a great look for the autumn season. 

Whether you are heading out on the town or getting dressed up for a house party, a more sultry, gothic vibe can be a fun look to try.

Make your inner goth gal proud!

Autumn makeup infographic


Winter wonderland colour palette 

Lush greens, vibrant reds with accents of silver and gold are all welcome when it comes to winter wonderland looks. 

Why not try going for a more frosty look too, incorporating shades of blue as well as white and silver accents, to create a look that is both frozen and fierce.

Beautiful and bright 

Bright eyes with luscious lashes that shine in the darkness, bold lips that are perfect for powering through these chillier nights, and cheeks with a rosy glow from the cold of the snow will all add a touch of enchantment to your winter makeup. 

The winter season is all about magic and the warmth of coming together, and so your makeup should make you feel as pretty as a sugar plum fairy. 

Winter makeup look infographic

Remember to look after your skin

Changes in weather conditions and temperature can have an effect on your skin, drying it out, causing irritation, redness or breakouts, or excess sweat and oil making you feel off your game.

Making sure you update your skincare routine with each season is super important to ensure you have a happy and healthy base on which to experiment with your new makeup looks.

A few handy tips on keeping your skin glowing whatever the weather:

  • Rain and snow – The cold weather can cause skin dryness as well as excessive redness or irritation, particularly in harsher weathers such as sleet, cold winds and snow. Get your hands on some top-notch moisturising products such as creams, oils and lip balms to see you through the colder months.
  • Hot under the collar Summer can get sweaty, sometimes resulting in excessive sebum build-up in the skin, leading to breakouts, as well as warmer temperatures causing possible heat damage or irritation. Keeping your skin cool with soothing creams and other cooling products will help reduce inflammation and irritation and keep your skin feeling fresh no matter the weather.
  • Sand and sea – As the seasons change, we like to go on different adventures. Different environments bring with them different challenges for our skin – salty sea water, sand, certain plant-life and seasonal allergies can all affect our skin in different ways and cause us discomfort. Identifying any particular intolerances you may have and making sure your skin is prepped to tread any terrain will make your seasonal travels calmer and more enjoyable.

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