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Our guide to contouring

A woman with different shades of makeup on her face

Makeup has become one of the biggest ways in which many of us express ourselves. Whether it is a barely-there look, bold eyeliner, colourful eyeshadow shades or fun lip colours, makeup can make us feel like the boldest and most confident versions of ourselves.

There is an idea that makeup is a form of ‘covering up’ – but here at New Zealand Beauty School, we believe quite the opposite! We believe makeup is about enhancing your features and finding colours and styles that compliment your face and make you feel good.

And contouring is the very definition of…well…definition!

But what is contouring for? We’re glad you asked…

The what, hows and whys of contouring

Contouring involves taking a product that is a darker shade than your natural skin tone and working on sculpting and enhancing the natural arcs and lines of your face, usually the hollows around the sharper edges such as cheekbones, jawline, forehead and sides of the nose. 

The look is then finished by highlighting the high parts of your face – again, cheekbones, under the eyebrows, bridge of the nose – giving you an overall look of dimension and definition.

Our neighbours over at Elle UK offer some excellent advice on contouring and creating the best look for you.

Your contouring journey

  • Product tone: when it comes to contour, the aim is to find a shade that is dark enough against your skin tone that it creates definition but not so stark a difference that you then struggle to blend it in seamlessly with your natural skin. A good option may be to purchase a contouring palette containing several different shades; as that way, you can try different tones to see which suits you best.
  • Product texture: the age-old argument of cream vs powder…hey, the answer is whatever feels best for your skin! Choosing the right texture of contouring makeup for your skin may be a little trial and error, but if you know you tend to do better with dewy makeup, then a cream could work in your favour, and likewise, if your skin prefers powder products
  • Finding the right tools: slanted brushes and beauty blenders will be your best friend when it comes to contour application and buffering – don’t forget to blend it out!
  • Video tutorials: watching a step-by-step video on ‘how do you do contouring’ or ‘how do you contour for beginners’ by a makeup artist or influencer can be a really helpful way to start honing your contouring skills
  • Finish on a high: finish off your handiwork with a sparkling highlighter on the high points of your face to complete your look.

Have a passion for makeup?

If you’re passionate about helping others to feel and look their best, a career as a makeup artist may be on the cards for you! 

One of the best ways to get your career off to a beautiful start is by taking an online makeup course. Here at New Zealand Beauty School, we offer a professionally tailored Certificate in Professional Makeup Artistry. Our online makeup courses in New Zealand will provide you with a creative, supportive space in which to practice and explore your craft and find out what kind of makeup artist you want to be.

Fancy a trip to the magical world of makeup school?

Why choose New Zealand Beauty School?

Our makeup certificate comes with a custom-designed kit containing everything you will need to complete your training, sent right to your front door. The kit will have all the necessary gear to aid you on your MUA journey, allowing you to experiment and explore from the comfort of your own home. 

Through online makeup lessons, you will learn all the classic tips, tricks and techniques and start to curate your branding and find where you fit in the beauty industry.

All our courses come with a downloadable brochure with further information about course content, modules and assessments, accessing your learning online and tutor support. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of attainment, adding that touch of impressive professionalism to offer to potential employers.

We offer an interest-free payment plan where you can pay your fees in instalments or receive a discount if you choose to pay your course fees upfront.

Choosing to study on one of our makeup courses will give you 24/7 access to your studies, offering you the flexibility to work your learning around your current schedule and lifestyle.

Learn all the best tricks of the trade with a course in makeup artistry at New Zealand Beauty School.

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