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Skincare tips from the pros, that every beauty enthusiast needs

girl with face cream on her left cheek

Skincare has never been more popular. As we embrace natural beauty, self-care and look for that healthy, year-round glow that’s the best accessory to any outfit – there’s some pro top tips we think you need to know!  

Whether you’re a fash wash, three layers of moisturiser or SPF all the way kind of beauty enthusiast – these hacks and tips are making waves all over Instagram and could be the gamechanger in your skincare routine. 

Or, if you are interested in a beauty therapy course, and have always dreamed of starting a career in skincare, these tips could help you carve out a niche and wow those clients with the missing ingredient to their glow!

Let’s dive in.

1. Make the most of eye products

Aussie skincare expert, and Chanel’s skin consultant nonetheless, Melanie Grant shows how to make the most of the eye products you are using, with a 3 step process:

“Step 1 – The Lifting Gesture

Apply a pea-sized amount onto the eye contour. Smooth from the inner corner outwards, below the eye and then on the eyelid. Place the middle and index fingers at the head of the brow on one eye just above the eye socket. Using gliding movements, sweep upwards from the eye socket, up the brow. Repeat this movement twice.

Step 2 – The Smoothing Gesture

Make long gliding strokes on the outer corner of the eye, towards the temple. Repeat this movement twice

Step 3 – The Anti Dark Circle Gesture

Make long gliding strokes along the lower eyelids by starting at the outer third corner of the eye working in. Each time passing on the same area getting closer to the inner corner of the eye. Repeat this movement twice.”

2. Massage 

Sure it’s the nice part of a facial, but did you know that facial massage is actually hugely important for skin health?

Just ask Esthetician Georgia Louise, who makes it a key part of every treatment she provides:

“Why is facial massage so important? 💆🏻‍♀️⁠

⁠It helps wake up your face muscles, draining tension and fluid from your face to slow down the aging process, and increasing blood and oxygen flow to the face.

⁠This all makes the skin look so fabulous after a facial massage.”

3. Consider a humidifier

Do you suffer from dry skin, especially in winter? Those crisp days and frosty morning commutes can really wreak havoc on your glow. Then it’s time to delve into some dermal science!

Shani Darden is an Esthetician & Skin Expert, who swears by adding a humidifier to your arsenal to fight dry winter skin. 

“Humidifiers help to sufficiently hydrate your skin’s natural moisture barrier…using a small portable humidifier during your morning and nightime routine keeps your skin glowy and hydrated”

4. Milk bath

Hear us out on this one…

Dr Barabra Strum is a skincare powerhouse, helping the likes of Gillian Anderson and Kristen Bell stay red carpet ready. And one of her favourite ways to boost her glow? A warm bath with a little added ingredient…

“A warm bath has many benefits including improving your physical and emotional health. Baths create an ideal environment for meditation, an escape from daily stressors and can decrease stress hormones and improve serotonin levels to regulate your mood. Soaking in warm water can also help with muscle soreness and tension, making recovery after workouts easier. ✨

STURM TIP: Add whole fat milk…to your tub for added skin soothing and hydration. 💫”

5. Focus on inner calm and relaxation 

We all know that skincare really starts from the inside out. And though we know lots of healthy food can give us a healthy glow, how often do we neglect the stress part of the equation?

Stress acne & dark circles are real things – so making sure to get some wind-down time is an integral part of any serious skincare routine. 

In fact, this is one of Dr Adeline Kikam’s skincare commandments – yes that’s how sacred she thinks it is! 

“Adopt skincare rituals for inner calm & relaxation. I light a scented candle & turn on a podcast or chill music during my wknd AM routine 💆🏽‍♀️”

Do these tips make you even more excited to pursue a skincare career? But does the idea of esthetician school sound just too difficult to fit into your lifestyle? Do you struggle to find facial courses that will work for you not against you?

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Unlike other beauty facial courses, you’ll have 24/7 access to a wide range of materials, so you can learn around your other commitments.  Making it the ideal facial refresher course if you just want to brush up on your existing skills too.

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