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The 8 key steps of a luxurious facial

woman with a facial

We run to keep our heart healthy, stay hydrated for a clear mind & enjoy a green smoothie for better digestion. But what about our skin?

Our skin is one of our largest organs, yet so often we don’t give it the daily care it deserves. It’s our face that often takes the biggest load too! The nights we forget to take our makeup off, the busy city pollution and the day to day stress of life can all take its toll. 

So what’s the best way to revive and replenish our skin? A facial of course! A great facial can offer a much-needed reset, leaving you or your clients with awake, clean, and nourished skin. Whether it’s targeted to combat signs of aging, help treat acne or simply rehydrate tired skin – regular facials are the way forward. 

So what makes a great facial? What steps do estheticians and beauty therapists take to ensure clients are given that wow-factor feeling? Let’s find out! 

Step 1) Consultation

A professional facial should always begin with a consultation. For this, you may fill out a form with questions about your lifestyle, current skincare routine, skin concerns, diet, how much water you drink, and the extra products you are currently using.

Your facialist may also ask other important questions, such as:

  • Do you know your skin type?
  • How does your skin react to new products?
  • What would you like to improve about your skin?
  • Do you have any medical concerns or allergies?

These questions are essential to providing a safe, luxurious and tailored experience for clients, allowing an esthetician to treat specific skin concerns in the best way possible.

Step 2) Cleansing

Once the consultation is complete and the treatment plan created, the next step is to prepare the canvas! 

This usually involves wrapping a client’s hair in a towel or headband to keep the face clear, before applying a cleanser to the skin. This will gently remove any makeup or products already on the skin. 

Using soft cotton pads, cloths or a facial brush and warm water is a relaxing way to remove the cleanser and prepare the skin for treatment. Some facialists may even apply steam gently to the face here, which can enhance the cleansing process, soften the skin and open pores. 

Step 3) Analysis

Here, with the skin exposed and opened, an esthetician may further review the treatment plan with a deeper look at texture, irregularities and complexion. Often this involves using a magnifying lamp, assessing any smooth patches, roughness, dryness or breakouts.  

This adds to the bespoke nature of the service, helping a facialist pick the right skincare products for the treatment ahead.

Step 4) Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a crucial part of any treatment, providing a wealth of benefits for the skin. Here an esthetician will remove any dead skin cells and excess oil that has accumulated on the skin, which is especially beneficial for those who find they are prone to breakouts.

Removing this buildup that can block pores also promotes a healthy glow as it improves skin texture. Especially as we age, multiple layers of dead skin cells can build up, so exfoliation can kickstart the skin’s renewal process perfectly. 

The type of exfoliation used will be determined in the consultation and analysis steps, as each skin type will need a different approach for maximum results. 

Step 5) Extraction

Extraction is the real magic of any facial. A trained facialist will use this time to extract any pimples or blackheads, using professional techniques that do not damage the skin. Unlike other home methods that should be avoided, extraction removes these impurities gently to keep the skin intact and hygienic. Which means less breakouts and no scarring.

Step 6) Facial Massage

Both relaxing and rejuvenating, facial massage is an important part of any skin treatment. Here, an esthetician will manipulate appropriate products into the skin by using a mixture of movements designed to improve blood flow and relieve tension.

This increase in blood and oxygen flow, whilst reducing stress, offer amazing long term effects to clients, increasing collagen production and providing a healthy glow.

Step 7) Mask Application

A corrective facial mask is a fantastic way to target specific skin issues, using targeted ingredients. Whether the client suffers from oily, acne-prone, dry or tired skin, there are a range of masks that trained facialists can apply to directly improve these issues. These are left to work for a number of minutes, allowing the client to relax and unwind. 

Step 8) Finishing Products

The last step of any facial aims to lock in that fresh glow and leave the skin feeling refreshed and healed. 

A toner will be applied first, which helps to allow these finishing products to penetrate deeper into the layers of the face. Next, skin-specific serums and concentrates will be used, again to target a client’s particular skin type. Eye cream will be applied gently to the lower lid to add a bright glow, while soothing lip balm will nourish the delicate skin of the mouth. Finally, a tailored moisturiser will lock in that dewy shine, hydrating deeply to repair any dryness.    

If this sounds like a service you would love to offer, or you are fascinated by skin science, why not add facials to your beauty business repertoire? 

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