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The best natural & chemical-free beauty brands for a healthy glow

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Perhaps you’re interested in finding some new go-to brands, or maybe your clients are looking for more natural ways to get that healthy glow? Either way – the number of natural & chemical-free beauty brands is on the rise, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. 

But why are natural & chemical-free beauty products important? What benefits do they provide? And which ones are really worth the price tag? Let’s find out!

We’ve rounded up the best chemical-free beauty products and the best natural cosmetics going – so you can give yourself and your clients a healthy glow that comes without any unwanted extras. 

But let’s start by asking, why use natural skincare products?

There’s a number of benefits you can experience when using natural skincare products, starting with…

1. Reduced irritation 

For many, choosing products that work with their sensitive skin can be a minefield. However, many find that naturally produced and chemical-free products reduce the chances of irritation occurring. Chemical-heavy products can often leave skin feeling dry, red and sore, even though they might seem like your only option for targeted skincare (such as acne treatment).

However, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find natural alternatives to these synthetic cosmetics. Tea tree oil and lavender extract are natural ingredients that can target these problem areas but still will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished. Natural products are much more likely to be gentle on your skin, and could well work just as effectively.

2. Overall wellbeing

More of us are becoming interested in how the food we eat affects our bodies. As focus shifts to whole food-based, natural diets – so the cosmetics world has followed suit!

By using only identifiable ingredients, you can know exactly what is being absorbed into your skin and have a greater understanding of how these ingredients interact with both your skin and your general wellbeing. 

4. Cost effective

As many natural products are now curated into high-quality serums and creams, you’ll only need a little to show a big difference. Without any cheap fillers or chemical top-ups, which can leave your skin feeling flat and dry, the purer formulas are much more potent and need only a small amount to be effective. So you won’t be layering them up again and again instead! 

This could save you money in the long term, especially if you are able to combine products in innovative new formulas.

5. Eco-friendly 

Using natural and organic products can have a much lower carbon footprint than the processes involved in creating synthetic chemicals. Not to mention that choosing natural formulas means they will have a reduced impact on the earth when they are both manufactured or are washed away after use. So natural and organic skincare products not only help you move towards beautiful skin but also give you peace of mind that you’re making a greener choice. 

So which natural, chemical-free beauty brands stand out?

We’ve found the top cosmetic choices that follow the four principles above, to take pride of place as your new beauty staples. 

For that natural glow – Okana

New Zealand born brand Okana has a love for simplicity. They show that simplifying your daily skin ritual is no bad thing and that less is definitely more. Using some of the highest quality concentrations of vitamins and fresh fruits around, they create gentle skincare that aims to restore that healthy glow. Perfect for all skin types – with no added fragrance, alcohol, additives or harsh preservatives. Just healthy wholesome ingredients. That’s a thumbs up from us!

For superfood packed formulas – Ere Perez

Ere Perez places nature and healing at the forefront of her creative process in cosmetics. Her team uses innovative combinations of the latest skin science, nourishing plants and traditional botanicals to create superfood-infused formulas that pack a powerful punch!  The vibrant colour palette and joyful formulas are sure to bring a smile to any client. 

For glamour, but make it green – Eco Minerals

“No fillers, parabens, chemical preservatives, or palm oil. Just 100 per cent pure natural minerals” – that’s the Eco Minerals way. Offering a range of beautifully natural makeup essentials, that don’t compromise on style. The ultimate beauty secret, their formulas add a dewy shine or subtle smoulder whenever you need it, with earthy tones that compliment any look.  

For the ultimate lipstick – Karen Murrell

Dangerously good lipsticks that smell and look good enough to eat..! Inspired by the beautiful New Zealand flora and fauna around her, Karen designs lipsticks that inject colour into every day. Consisting only of pure, natural formulas with the likes of avocado, evening primrose oils, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon, and sweet orange as the major players. 

Those dry lips are treated with every application, popping with colour and left feeling incredibly soft. Definitely one for the kit bag!

For the multi-purpose saviour – Biode

If you’re after a multi-purpose, space-saving wonder – then look no further than Biode! They created the one-stop-shop tinted balm, that can be used on lips, lids and cheeks! Available in a range of beautiful colours to suit any skin tone, the brand has committed themselves to being 100% environmentally responsible, using home-compostable and biodegradable packaging as well as having a completely toxin-free formula. Bliss!

For sensitive skin – Frankie Apothecary

Frankie Apothecary is on a mission to provide natural and effective skincare products that harness the energy of the natural world. Specialising in alleviating the suffering caused by sensitive skin and eczema, these chemical-free balms are working wonders for happy clients everywhere and making serious waves in the beauty world. Plus the packaging is readily recyclable too!

For pure indulgence – KORA Organics

Founded by one of Australia’s leading supermodels Miranda Kerr, KORA combines her intricate knowledge of the top beauty tips in the fashion world with her studies in natural health. The result is a range of indulgent, high-quality formulas that are sure to leave your clients feeling blissfully glowing. All KORA Skincare is cruelty-free and formulated with highly active Certified Organic ingredients that deliver powerful results. With no added nasties, they are designed purely to leave you and your clients with radiance!

Which of these chemical-free beauty brands is your favourite? Are you excited to integrate them into your beauty routine?

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