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Top brow trends of 2023

Eyebrow being marked with a brush

Who would have thought that the furry little caterpillars that sit above our eyes could be such a cause for attention. In fact, eyebrow trends have come and gone and come back again through all periods of history

There are all different types of eyebrows, with varying thicknesses, shapes and colours, all trying to keep up with whatever the latest 2023 brows trends are. This year has seen a huge boom in makeup and beauty trend innovation, with people being unafraid to express their true selves through their looks. 

Being bold and trying something new seems to be the theme for this year and we are totally here for it!

So, what are these brow trends of 2023 we speak of?

We’ll show you!

Top brow trends of 2023

  1. Natural brows

In recent years people have begun to embrace thick, fluffy brows. Over-plucking and super thin brows had been the fashion for years until the people said “no more!” to painful plucking and “hello!” to funky furry brows. Boasting a beautifully soft and natural look, this big eyebrows trend wonderfully frames the face, enhancing natural features and bringing out the beauty you had all along.

  1. Bleached and colourful brows

Brows are getting funky down in 2023! Bleached brows started to appear on the likes of Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga, and have sparked a trend which offers an interesting look from the highly-defined brows of old. Not only are barely-there brows making headlines, brows with colourful tints have also been cropping up. This trend is a really fun and out of the box way of expressing individuality and mixing up your day to day look.

  1. Thin/Skinny brows

The 90s called, they want their brows back! Skinny brows have come back into fashion and are being worn by the likes of fashion icon Bella Hadid. Brows are being shaped and drawn into thinner and thinner lines, giving a unique and striking look which was also popular back when the Spice Girls were top of the charts.

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