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What do you learn in a makeup course?

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If you’ve always wanted to take your makeup obsession to a professional level, you might have looked at training options and felt the questions pile up. Do I need to train? Is it worth it? And if I do enrol, what do you learn in a makeup course? 

So we are here to help, giving you a peek inside our Professional Makeup Artistry Course, so you can get a feeling for what it’s like to live the makeup course lifestyle! We’ll run you through some of the core modules that form a true makeup course, and how training can help you turn your beauty dreams into a professional reality. 

But first, do I need to go to makeup school?

No! You don’t need to go to makeup school to become a makeup artist. In New Zealand, no formal qualifications are necessary to work as a makeup professional, so you could call yourself an artist without going to school. 

And with so many free sources out there (we all love a YouTube tutorial and Instagram reel right?) you could feel like you have everything you need to start. 

However, in such a busy, fast-paced and competitive industry – you might suddenly find yourself out of your depth. Whilst free learning offers amazing hacks, tips and tricks – the formal training that a makeup course provides is what sets professionals apart from hobby makeup lovers.

This is because a qualification inspires confidence in clients and agencies, signalling your commitment & professionalism. Whether it’s your experience in practising on different skin types or having access to a full ready-to-go kit – makeup schools offer some really important benefits to help you get ahead. 

So what can a great makeup certificate give you? 

The Core Curriculum Of Our Makeup Course

1. Health, Hygiene & Safety 

To be a true professional, you’ll need to base your knowledge on a firm understanding of health, hygiene & safety. So that every client feels comfortable and glowing in your care. This includes maintaining your tools, best practices for hygienic application & important workplace safety skills. Essential for a fast-paced industry!

2. Skin Theory

Any great artist always starts with knowing their canvas! And when you turn your love for makeup into a profession, you’ll need to understand more than just your own canvas. So to begin your creative studies, you’ll learn about the multitude of different skin types that you may be working with, and how to approach them correctly to maximise your results. 

You’ll have an understanding of a range of skin conditions too, and how you can work sensitively with clients to help them feel confident and cared for. Armed with this foundational understanding, you’ll be a master of prepping any canvas for the artwork to come. 

3. Colour Theory

To create masterpieces you’ll need to gain a full understanding of the colour wheel, colour combinations and colour correction. So you can unleash your creativity and make exciting choices that are grounded in combinations you know will pop. Plus, you’ll be able to ensure that your choices match your client’s own skin tone and colouring, for show-stopping looks they will love. 

4. Contouring, Blush & Face Shapes

You’ll be busy learning the techniques used to create a flawless base application, before adding these game-changing techniques to your repertoire. Learn how to sculpt and shape perfectly, to meet your client’s desired effects, as well as offering them expert advice on how to maximise their natural beauty. You’ll begin to understand the subtleties of your tools, as each different brush offers you a unique effect. 

5. A Catalogue Of Looks

To turn your hand to any style and industry, you’ll need a catalogue of classic looks and innovative techniques under your belt. We include full coverage of the following:

  • Perfecting Brows
  • All About the Eyes
  • Let’s Talk Lips
  • Day Looks
  • Evening Looks
  • Smokey Eye & Strip Lash Application
  • Master The Cut Crease & Winged Liner
  • Bridal Make Up & Individual Lash Application
  • Decade Looks You’ll Love

So that you are prepared for any challenge that comes your way. Whether it’s a bridal beauty look, a fashion show styling brief or period TV drama. 

While these five areas make up the core curriculum of our makeup course, it doesn’t end there! A truly thorough makeup course should also teach those all-important business skills, which will help you turn your beauty business into a thriving career filled with passion. 

That’s why our course in Professional Makeup Artistry includes tutor-supported learning in:

  • How to conduct a consultation with prospective clients 
  • The fundamentals of excellent customer service
  • How to prepare client consults & important legalities
  • A full understanding of contraindications
  • Aftercare & troubleshooting to ensure customers become loyal fans

And let’s not forget one of the most important parts of training – creating the perfect kit, with all the essential tools you need to start your new career. 

That’s why we include a full, professional kit when you sign up for our makeup course, delivered directly to your door. To set you up for success straight away, so you can begin to build your skills accurately from day one. 

One final hurdle between you and professional training might be the cost. The cost of travelling there, of moving nearby, of pausing your full-time job, of buying an expensive kit or paying for daycare. Not to mention the lump sums some schools charge for the teaching!

We wanted to remove these barriers to training, so that makeup artistry could become a more accessible field for artists of any background and lifestyle. So our makeup course is taught by leading industry experts – entirely online! 

You’ll be guided through these exciting new skills from the comfort of your own home, learning at a time that suits you with full tutor support on hand when you need it. So you can earn while you learn, sign in when the kids are in bed or start the makeup side hustle you’ve always dreamed of right now. 

And with payment plans starting from just $25 a week and a full kit included in the course price – we’ve got your back! Want to know more? You can always speak to our friendly team, who would be happy to talk you through anything you want to know, and guide you towards your beauty dreams today!

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