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What do you need as a beginner in nail tech?

nail tech attending to nails

Want to start a career as a nail technician, or even start your own nail tech beauty business? Then there are lots of factors you need to consider. For example, you need to think about location, local salons or if you want to work from your own home. But one of the superessential steps to success? Building a high quality, professional kit. 

A perfectly prepared, well-stocked kit offers you the ability to create beautiful, Insta-worthy treatments for your clients, with designs, shades and artwork that will keep them coming back time and again. Because what’s a nail tech without a portfolio of gorgeous nails to show for it?

Here are the fundamental basics every nail tech needs, before expanding your repertoire with extra colours, brushes and accessories. Plus, we’ll share with you THE best online nail technician course that could kickstart your beauty business in style. (With a kit included too!)

1. Multiple nail files

Nail files are so crucial and are used so often that they should be packed in an easy to reach spot in your kit or placed with easy access in your salon. To offer a truly bespoke, professional service, you’ll need several different styles and types of files, which are used at various stages throughout the application process, as well as for the different application types.  

You’ll need:

  • Natural nail files – for smoothing out any edges before application
  • Acrylic files – for a precise edge to finished applications
  • (Optional) Electric file – a multi purpose tool that can adapt to the task required, using different strengths and textures. Making your life much easier!

2. Cuticle clippers & oil

 Cuticle nippers help to tidy the appearance of the nails before application, leading to a smoother, glossier finish. Applying cuticle oil as a final step helps to promote strong, healthy nail beds, and soothes the nails after filing and application is over. As well as adding a touch of luxury to the appointment that any client will appreciate!

3. Base coat & top coat

The two pillars of great nail work! A high-quality basecoat forms the perfect foundation for nail treatments, allowing for a clean application. You’ll also be protecting your client’s natural nails from staining or damage. A fast-drying topcoat gives a glossy shine and Insta-worthy finish. Plus it will help those looks last longer too!

4. Nail polish in a variety of colours

Probably the most important part of your kit, that allows you to express your creative flair! Gel polishes are a good investment, as they are long-lasting and can be applied straight onto natural nails or to enhancements, like acrylic tips. 

It’s a great idea to regularly update your colour selection with seasonal shades or trending colours. Plus, add some glitter, matte and metallic effects to really boost your creativity!

5. Nail tips

Nail tips are the magic touch that allows you to create the perfect shape and length for your client’s dream look. These can come ready formed, or you can choose to work with square tips and adjust them yourself with a file for a bespoke, personalised finish. 

6. Acrylic powder & liquid

Ever popular, acrylic nails require specialised powders and liquids in a few varieties to give your clients stunning looks and offer versatility. The acrylic liquid is mixed with acrylic powder to create the nail itself, offering the strength and durability loved by so many clients. 

7. Brushes

To create exciting designs and add precision to your application, nail brushes are a must! You’ll need a wide selection of high quality, durable & flexible brushes to allow you to work with precision and creativity. Both larger, smooth acrylic brushes and finer art & decoration brushes are needed to have a well-stocked kit for any request. 

8. UV system

A UV lamp is the final touch to set those gorgeous nails and leave them with a glossy finish. You can use a cordless option if you run a mobile business, which will come in handy! These are a real investment, but having a good quality one will make all the difference to creating those finessed looks. 

9. The right training!

It goes without saying that the best nail techs are well trained and experienced at their craft. If you are excited to start your career in nail art and want to build a high-quality kit, then you’ll definitely want to check out our nail technician course. One of the only online nail technician courses available, you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your own home, led by expert tutors with 24-hour access. Meaning you can study at a time that suits you.

This super special online nail tech course will teach you all the fundamentals of acrylics, gel polish, builder gel application and dipping systems. As well as how to offer outstanding customer service, strategies for consulting with your clients and growing your business, as well as the legalities surrounding offering these services – so you are fully covered!

And guess what? You’ll also receive our exclusive nail technician starter kit included in the course price, which will provide you with all of the above materials and more! Meaning you can start gaining experience from day one, both on your own technician hand model included in your kit, and on friends and family. 

Plus this kit will see you right through to graduation and your professional life beyond, so you can begin to work with clients easily and cover the course costs in no time. 

If you are serious about becoming a nail tech – then we have an online course that’s perfect for you! Join us today.

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