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What is an electric facial?

Woman getting an electric facial

In the modern world, our lives are full of stressors that aggravate our skin. Whether it’s pollution or the pace of city life, or eternal aggressors like UV light, a processed diet, cigarette smoke or alcohol – sometimes our skin needs some extra TLC. And when a regular facial just won’t cut it, it’s time for an electric facial.  

Popularised by our old favourites the Kardashian clan, the electric facial is becoming more and more common. But what exactly is an electric facial? What are the different types available, and how do they work? What are the skin benefits, and how many do you need to see results? 

We’re going to take a closer look at this skincare trend to see if it’s the treatment that’ll transform your beauty regime!

What an electric facial involves

Well, it probably sounds a lot scarier than it actually is! An electric facial summons images that might be frightening, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds. 

As this is electricity that’s been adapted for use on the sensitive skin of the face, it’s delivered in the gentlest way – the majority of the time using a small current, aka a microcurrent, to penetrate the skin (the dermis). This low-level electric current essentially wakes the skin up – triggering the skin enhancement cells to begin working at a cellular level. 

Over time, and with multiple treatments, it provides many toning and firming benefits. Some electric treatments differ, and ultimately offer an unconventional but effective method of cleaning the skin. 

Types of electric facial

There are so many different types of electric facial to address specific skin concerns, that it’s almost hard to keep track! But here are a few electric facials you need to know about…

  • Microcurrent: A microcurrent facial is a non-invasive facelift. Long before this kind of treatment was used to improve the wrinkles and lines on the face, it was a treatment to help with paralysis and wound healing. As the low voltage imitates the body’s own electric impulses, muscles contract. It’s a pain-free procedure and an excellent choice for anyone scared of needles or surgery! 
  • Galvanic: For a galvanic facial, two probes are used – one with a negative and one with a positive charge. Different kinds of products are applied, with the probes working to penetrate the skin, and disperse and eliminate trapped fluid. Nerve endings are stimulated and soothed, and skin texture is improved.
  • High frequency: Using the direct or indirect application of high frequency, here a facialist can direct the flow of current to improve circulation and moisture retention. The high-frequency machine produces frequencies between 100,000 to 250,000 hertz, and as the machine can be quite noisy, the beautician or facialist typically works to make sure the client is comfortable throughout the treatment.
  • Faradic: A faradic treatment makes use of electrical pulses to tone the face, with pads applied to the face that target muscle stimulation. Blood circulation and lymphatic flow increases while muscles build to give a smooth, toned appearance. The cell regeneration offered by faradic facial treatments makes this a fantastic option for those who like to see visible results instantly, with the added bonus of skin contours appearing more defined.
  • Vacuum Suction: A vacuum suction is an electric facial massager treatment used to improve lymphatic drainage in the face. The cup of the vacuum suction device glides across the skin while pulsing to help lymph fluid flow. It can be used for general cleansing, to unblock pores, and to remove sebum and blockages in the skin.
Types of electric facials infographic

At-home products

The range of at-home electric facial products has exploded, with the most popular facial cleansing brush specifically designed to be used with your favourite skincare products. Ultimately, these products have been created to help unclog pores, remove makeup and improve skin tone. 

Besides adding a face cleansing brush to your beauty routine, there are a range of mini microcurrent devices that can be used daily to help tighten and sculpt the skin, in between facial treatments with a professional. Again, these products work wonders to stimulate and tighten muscles to exercise the face and are quickly becoming the hottest products in the beauty industry! 

Electric facial benefits

The reported list of benefits from undergoing microcurrent treatments is truly impressive. Fans of the electric facial claim it can make dark circles and swelling under the eye improve, make fine and deep lines diminish, lifts eyes and brows and sculpts cheekbones…where do we sign up?! 

Toning the face and helping to encourage micro-lifting, it’s no wonder electric facials have gained so much kudos and are even referred to as the modern non-invasive facelift. In comparison to wrinkle injections, there are also less potential downsides – not to mention the fact injections can cause the muscles in the face to atrophy over time. In contrast, an electric facial stimulates the growth and regeneration of these muscles in the face.

What is a electric facial infographic

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