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What is the best hair extension application method?

Person applying hair extensions

Hair extensions have become the go-to way to get longer locks in a quick and safe way. Extensions come in all lengths, colours and textures to suit different hair types, as well as offering various applications to suit your preferences.

In this blog, we will take you through the various types of hair extensions and how they are applied, helping you to find the best method for either yourself or your business.

Let’s go!

Types of hair extension and application methods

Hair extensions are not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal. Besides the obvious variations of length and colour, there are different options for hair extension application to consider, all involving different methods and hair extension products.

Tape-in extensions 

With a lasting period of around 1-2 months, tape-in extensions are a great option for clients looking to add to and enhance their natural look. Tape-ins should not damage your hair and are considered more comfortable than other types of extensions.

The application process involves taping in and medically glueing extensions to sections of a client’s natural hair, slowly being added to the rest of the head to create the desired look. The process is tool and chemical free, making it a favourite of salon-goers across the country.

Sew-in extensions 

These extensions are just what they say on the tin – a client’s hair is plaited into small braids, into which the extension pieces are then securely sewn. This type of extension is the perfect choice for anyone who is wanting to grow their natural hair, due to the natural hair being tucked out of the way, reducing styling damage from heat tools and hair products.

6-8 weeks is the usual duration of sew-in extensions, making them a more long-lasting option. To avoid discomfort or hair damage, it is vital to have an open communication between client and stylist, so that the natural hair isn’t braided too tightly putting tension on the scalp.

Clip-in extensions 

The OG hair extension is for anyone who wants luscious locks by day and a rested scalp by night. The hair pieces are attached to a client’s natural hair with pressure-sensitive clips and can then be removed by the client themself before heading to bed. 

These are brilliant options for anyone wanting to change their look with ease rather than committing to more permanent, bonded hair extensions – and they don’t damage your natural hair, what a win!

Glue-in extensions 

Hair extensions are glued to small sections of a client’s natural hair, very close to the scalp.

While this is an efficient way of applying extensions, it does come with some risks. The glued-in extensions can pull on the scalp and cause tension, as well as block the hair follicles should glue get to the scalp.

Bonded extensions 

Similarly to glue-in extensions, bonded wefts are applied to small sections of hair with a keratin bond, which, when heated, melts and secures the extension.

These extensions are long-lasting – usually around 6 months if cared for properly – and are perfect for clients who want a natural look to enhance their natural hair.

Halo extensions 

Release your inner beauty angel with halo hair extensions. The application process for halo extensions involves placing a hair piece attached to a loop around your head, just like a halo! 

Super quick and easy, these extensions are firm favourites of the beauty industry and salon-goers alike, creating full and voluminous looks wherever they are applied.

Your chosen hair extension method is completely down to personal preference for yours or your client’s hair needs, and we hope this guide has given you a bit of insight into which may be the one for you!

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