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What’s the difference between Russian and Volume Lashes?

Volume eyelash extensions

Have you ever scrolled through social media and come across someone with long, lush lashes and felt green with envy? Let’s take it one step further. Have you ever dug deep into research hoping to find out how to achieve that stunning look? Chances are you came across the most popular lash extension techniques and treatments – known as Russian and Volume Lashes. 

At first, these techniques may seem very similar, but there are a few nuances and details that also make them distinct treatments. And so, let’s break down these beauty techniques, the main differences between Russian and Volume Lashes, and how you can master the art of lash extensions. 

What are Russian Lashes & Volume Lashes

As the years go by, the eyelash game becomes even more popular in the beauty and makeup industries. From ultra-thin strands to more voluminous lashes, eyelash extensions have become uber trendy and in-demand. Whether it’s on designer catwalks or Instagram feeds, we can’t get enough of those striking lashes! 

Even celebrity lash expert – Clementina Richardson gushes over the popular beauty treatment. When speaking to InStyle Magazine, Richardson shared why eyelash extensions are changing the game and why anyone can look great with extensions. 

“Lash extensions are best for anyone looking to either thicken or lengthen their natural lashes. Your dream of rolling out of bed looking gorgeous without the hassle of applying makeup will be a reality and you can say bye-bye to your eyelash curlers and mascara for good!”

Clementina Richardson

And so, with such hype around this recently-new beauty trend, let’s compare two of the more popular eyelash extension treatments and techniques. 

Russian Lashes

The process

This eyelash extension technique is all about ultra-thin, lightweight, and airy lashes. Russian Lashes are synthetic lashes that are applied to individual natural hairs, in a fan-like fashion. As these synthetic lashes are lightweight and delicate, it allows beauty technicians to apply more than one lash to the natural strands. 

And that is how Russian Lashes ultimately add volume to the lashes, creating that fuller and lush look. 

The results

Thanks to the ultra-fine nature of these synthetic hairs, Russian Lashes can last up to twice as long as other eyelash extensions. If looked after properly, Russian Lashes have a lifespan of 4 to 6 weeks, the same as natural lashes. 

Most technicians recommend topping up the lashes every 2 to 3 weeks, to maintain that fresh and uniform look. But don’t try removing these lashes yourself. DIY projects don’t usually end successfully with eyelash extensions, as you might accidentally damage your natural lashes along the way. It only takes around 10-15 minutes and a special cream to have your Russian Lashes professionally removed and reapplied. 


  1. Natural

One reason why many beauty aficionados prefer the Russian Lashes is because of the overall natural look the ultra-fine lashes offer.  

  1. No mascara

Another great benefit of Russian Lashes is not having to apply mascara before leaving the house. Say goodbye to mascara application adventures in the car, because your Russian Lashes will provide all the volume and pazazz 

  1. Last longer

If you want your eyelash extensions to last longer, while also keeping that stunning and refreshed look, then Russian Lashes are the way to go. 

Volume Lashes

The process

Now, for a more dramatic look, let’s switch gears to Volume Lashes. If you want your eyelash extensions to make a statement and to catch immediate attention, then keep on reading. When it comes to creating bold, thick and fuller eyelash looks, Volume Lash extensions, also known as Russian Volume Lashes, are the go-to beauty treatment. 

By adding multiple extensions to natural hair strands, the lashes create a denser and fuller appearance. And with eyelash thickness ranging from thin 2D to fuller 7D extensions, Volume Lashes offer more versatile looks and finishes to your gorgeous lashes.

The results

As with most eyelash extensions, Volume Lashes last as long as the natural eyelash strands and until the shedding cycle takes place. Due to their denser nature, these eyelash extensions can last anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks. With recommended top-ups every 2 to 3 weeks. 

And no, don’t try removing these bad boys at home without proper tools and expertise. Remember, you don’t want to damage and accidentally pull out your natural hair strands. 


  1. Diverse

Volume Lashes range from semi-fine and thin strands to denser and thicker lashes. This variety and diversity offer clients the ability to create more specific and unique looks.

  1. Better adhesion

Compared to other eyelash extension techniques and treatments, Volume Lashes tend to have better adhesion to natural lashes as well as superior retention properties. 

  1. No eyeliner

Another great and practical benefit of Volume Lashes is not having to apply eyeliner. If you thought not needing mascara was revolutionary, wait until your Volume Lashes substitute your daily struggles of eyeliner application. 

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