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10 things every makeup artist needs to have in their bag

Colourful makeup brushes

Whether you’re striving to be a makeup artist for the big screen, brides to be or as a boost to your existing beauty business – the one thing you’ll need to impress clients is a functional, fully stocked kit bag. Makeup is a creative, exciting and artistic career, and as they say, an artist is only as good as their tools! So in order to get that professional, Insta-worthy look every time, you will need to compile a kit worthy of your talents. 

But where do you start?

Right here! We’ve compiled this list of 10 things every makeup artist needs to have in their bag. Plus we’ll tell you all about this great online makeup course with a kit in New Zealand (that’s right, a kit comes included!).

Let’s dive in, so you can make sure you have all bases covered to kickstart your makeup career.  

1. Brushes

Tools are key when it comes to sculpting, shaping and shimmering all those surfaces. So it’s important to have a wide selection of brushes that aid all the different looks you need to complete. From chiseled fine liners to super dome dusters, an angled blush brush and crescent shadow brush for smokey eyes can’t hurt either!

2. Ultra under base primer

To ensure the longevity of your makeup and to help smooth your artist’s canvas – you’ll need an amazing primer. Combining the abilities to mattify, hydrate and brighten, you’ll be laying the perfect base for…

3. Foundation 

A foundation palette is the best investment for any makeup artist, offering several different shades to match multiple complexions, helping to create a smooth, even appearance to any skin tone. Plus, you’ll have the ability to mix shades to find that perfect pairing, using your…

4. Palette and spatula

Gone are the days of mixing makeup on the back of your hand! For professional hygiene standards and much more accurate shading, a great makeup artist needs a palette and spatula for all that mixing and blending. 

5. Eye pencil & gel

Another must-have is a black eyeliner pencil and gel eyeliner – which can be applied with one of your thin brushes. Your pencils can also double as brow fillers if you have lighter and darker shades.

Adding versatility to any look from day to night, depending on how you choose to apply – it’s also wise to learn how to nail that classic winged eyeliner look! 

6. Lip pencil & stick

Similarly, a great lip pencil and stick in several shades is a crucial part of any artist’s kit. There should be some daily shades, with a little moisturiser included, that you can match to a client’s skin tone. Then of course some brighter statement shades for dramatic impact. Plus, your trusty lip pencil can help create definition and add duration to the colour. 

7. Eyeshadow palette

Create those incredible cut creases, lid shimmers and smokey eyes with an eyeshadow palette. You’ll want some shimmery nudes, brighter taupe colours and classic smokey shades to start you off, and then you can expand in any direction that you feel excited about! 

8. Mascara & disposable mascara applicators

No makeup bag is ready without mascara! Discover the different wand types and formulas you’ll need to create a variety of lash looks in our ultimate mascara guide. 

What you might not know, is that the key to keeping tip-top hygiene principles is a stash of disposable wands! Allowing you to use alternative styles for every eye type, while still staying as clean and classy as possible.

9. Concealer correction

For covering dark spots, redness, and under-eye circles – concealer is every artist’s best friend. It also makes a great substitute for foundation, mixed with a tinted moisturiser, if you are caught in a pinch!

10. Brush cleaner

Keeping brushes clean is a hugely important part of makeup bag maintenance. As well as keeping your work hygienic, your brushes will last longer and perform better with regular cleaning. 

And there you have it – the basics to a professional makeup kit! Though to really elevate your skills, you will need a few more tools than this.  What you choose to add is really a matter of personal preference, and it depends on the niche you have decided to enter. It’s always important to listen to what your clients are asking for and adjust your kit as needed. 

To make the most of your kit, and really understand how to use it, you’ll need an online makeup course! All of our short beauty courses are led by industry experts and tailored to deliver you the creative education you are looking for. Our makeup courses online are built specifically to teach you the key theoretical and practical skills to work as a makeup artist for all occasions. Whether it’s special events, bridal makeup, fashion shows or the entertainment industry! 

Plus, we are one of the only online makeup courses with a kit in New Zealand! That’s right, you get all the 10 items above, and much more in your student makeup kit. Including: 

  • Translucent Powder
  • Blush 6 Palette
  • Lip Gloss
  • False Lashes
  • Face Palette (blush, bronzer, highlight)
  • Eyebrow palette
  • Sharpener
  • DUO Lash Adhesive 

How amazing is that? Studying online is simple, flexible and fun: the best way to kickstart your makeup career.

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