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5 Gorgeous makeup looks for wedding season

Woman in a white dress with makeup on

Wedding makeup is the bread and butter of makeup artists. Wherever there is something borrowed and something blue, you can be sure a makeup artist will be called upon to cast some makeup magic on the special occasion.

With weddings becoming more bespoke and creative in recent years, wedding makeup looks have grown more unique. With everything from natural and boho styles to dark and daring looks, makeup artists of today must be equipped with all the knowledge and tools to provide the desired looks of their clients.

We are going to take you through 5 gorgeous makeup looks for the wedding season, as well as tips for aspiring MUAs.

Getting to know your canvas

Makeup should enhance, not hide. It is vital that, as a makeup artist, we know the needs and wants of the client, including everything from skin sensitivities to what colour eyeshadow will bring out the colour of their eyes.

Here are some things to consider during wedding makeup consultations:

  • Skin sensitivities and allergies – The most important thing before applying any makeup for a client is to make sure you are aware of any allergies or skin sensitivities they may have. This will ensure you avoid any adverse effects on their big day.
  • Skin type and tone – Perfectly colour-matching base products and finding the best-coloured products to accentuate a client’s natural skin tone is vital to ensuring the desired outcome. Using the wrong shades and tones can completely ruin a look and will not have the client feeling their best. You should also be aware of your client’s skin type (dry, oily, combination) so you know which products to avoid and which to use to create a long-lasting look.
  • Facial features, shapes and colours – Every face is totally unique in shape, features and colours. Being able to advise on the most enhancing looks for various eye and brow colours, as well as knowing where to highlight and contour the face, will ensure your client finds the best look for them and feels confident stepping out in front of the crowd.
  • Client preference and desired look – At the end of the day, a makeup artist must know how to listen to their client. It is their big day, after all, and whatever look makes them feel the most beautiful is the one that goes. Makeup artists are there to inspire confidence and deliver a highly-skilled service to the client’s satisfaction. No matter your client’s requirements, with proper communication and helpful advice, you can never steer far wrong.
Getting to know your canvas infographic

5 gorgeous makeup looks for wedding season

  1. Natural flush – A flushed, romantic look will never be out of place on a wedding day. Rosy cheeks and natural/translucent makeup are the key players here, creating a barely-there glow to enhance the natural features of the face and soft edges for a beautifully hazy and delicate look. This makeup style is an absolute classic and is sure to suit every skin type and tone. 
  1. A touch of gold – Gilded makeup has become increasingly popular amongst wedding clients, with pops of gold being added to eyeshadows, liners and even lips. There are all sorts of ways to add gold to your look – some products may come ready-made with gold pigment, pure gold-coloured products are on the rise for sure, or why not get creative with skin-safe gold leaf for a truly ethereal vibe? 
    Whether you want dots, dashes, sprinkles, splashes or lines, adding a touch of gold to your look is the perfect finishing touch and a wonderfully minimalist way to add some glamour. 
  1. Gentle and smokey – Neutral tones with smokey edges can create a beautiful smouldering effect in a wedding look. Both sleek and smudgy liner works great for this vibe, with eyes accentuated by gold and brown tones. This is a wonderfully edgy take on a classic look that is gorgeous on any skin tone.
  1. Dramatic flair – Want to make a lasting impression? A more dramatic makeup look might be just the thing. Bold lines and lips, contoured features, and maybe even some experimental graphic liner can create a truly unique and striking look. 
    Everyone has different things that make them feel beautiful – less makeup, more makeup, the choice is theirs. And as a makeup artist, it is important to work with your client to create the most exciting and desirable outcome. 
  1. Earthy tones – An earthier take on the classic natural look, using browns, dark greys and even green tones, can make for a beautifully simple, grounded and elegant look. Softer, blurred edges come into play here, perhaps with the odd pop of colour to emulate flowers if the client so desires. The beauty of nature will never go out of fashion.

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