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Do you need a qualification to do eyelash extensions?

Lash technician's hands applying lashes to woman's face

Long, thick, luscious lashes have become a staple treatment in the beauty industry. They are thought to be a symbol of youth, with the Bambi-eye vibe being very much the fashion. 

While volumising mascaras, lash serums, and false eyelashes have become an accessible DIY way of enhancing your eyelashes at home, the demand for longer-lasting lashes has become louder than ever, and who are the superheroes that will save us all from a flat lash fate?

Lash technicians are here to save the day! And now, getting a qualification in this high-demand beauty sector has never been easier, with an array of short beauty courses opening up all over the market. 

The job of lash technicians

The job of lash technicians involves the physical and aesthetic maintenance of eyelashes. They will be equipped with all the skills required to carry out safe treatments with excellent results, as well as creating a comfortable environment where clients will feel relaxed and listened to.

Here is a rundown of some of the most popular lash treatments on the market:

  • Eyelash extensions – the application of synthetic lashes to the lash line, merging them seamlessly with the client’s natural lashes in order to create a lengthened and defined final look
  • Eyelash lift and tint – where the natural lashes are uplifted and enhanced, this is the perfect look for anyone wanting a more natural vibe 
  • Hybrid lashes – the best of both: lash extension combined with volume technique, resulting in ultra-defined lashes.

It is also important for a lash technician to be knowledgeable about the health and maintenance of the client’s natural lashes, such as strengthening and supporting eyelash growth, as well as keeping them healthy between treatments. 

The benefits of lash tech training

To ensure you can safely and expertly carry out treatments on clients, an eyelash technician course is highly recommended.

By taking this step and committing to training as an eyelash technician, you put yourself at the forefront of your own destiny. 

You will learn creative and practical skills which you can use to grow both your business and the confidence of your clients. It doesn’t matter whether you are working a wedding or high-end event or perhaps are just offering a client a mid-week confidence boost; you can be assured that you are making a positive impact on someone’s day with your skills and knowledge as a lash tech.

Completing an eyelash training course will ensure that you have all the tools and tricks needed to provide excellent care and service to your clients, as well as guiding and advising you on all the more intricate bits of business, all the admin and organisation, as well as helping you build and expand your own business and brand as an eyelash artiste.

Convinced this is the career for you?

Want to start your career as an eyelash technician? Well, it’s your lucky day! New Zealand Beauty School offers a range of online lash course training to help you hone and master your craft. 

Our range of professional lash courses offers flexible, comprehensive training to get your career off to a flying start. Take a look at our Eyelash Extension Course or Certificate in Eyelash Lift and Tint and see which takes your fancy!

Completing a lash technician course online gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore your craft from home, allowing you to learn at a pace and within a schedule that suits you and your lifestyle.

At New Zealand Beauty School, all our beauty courses come with your very own beauty kit, which will be sent directly to your door, containing everything you need to get started. Our downloadable course brochures contain further information about eyelash training course content and modules, as well as a rundown of how things work using our online learning system. 

Financing studies can be a cause for concern, but never fear! We offer an interest-free weekly payment plan, or you might choose to take advantage of our course discount when you pay your entire course costs upfront.

We love hearing from you, and our friendly course advisors are always on hand to help with any questions or queries you might have regarding aspects of your beauty training or enrolment. 

Get yourself a spot on one of our online courses today and start shaping the future you have always dreamed of.

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