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5 Reasons to study beauty therapy online


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kickstart a career in the beauty therapy industry? Or perhaps you’re a step further into your journey, and you’re looking for ways to expand your existing skillset?

Maybe… just maybe… you’re considering building your own beauty therapy business and becoming your own boss? Whatever stage you’re at, there are countless reasons why studying a beauty therapy course online is an absolute no-brainer.  

To begin with… New Zealand’s beauty industry generates over $6.5 billion in revenue annually. Whilst our hairdressing and beauty sub-sectors employ roughly 120,700 workers across an estimated 32,317 businesses.  It has a $7 billion market size and is only expected to keep growing over the next five years. In fact, this industry has employment projections of up to 19.7% for beauty therapists, despite COVID-19 setbacks.

In other words, beauty therapy is massive in all the best ways. The statistics highlight just how popular this industry is, and how big a demand there is for these services. A demand that you can benefit from too.

So whether you’re checking out online beauty therapy training to add to your skills or as a way to jumpstart a career, you’ve come to the right place. Right here, we give you the lowdown on our top 5 reasons you should be studying a beauty therapy course online!

#1 The Numbers Don’t Lie

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: the industry numbers are fabulously fierce. 

Employment levels for beauty therapists have increased since 2002 with numbers significantly growing in the past two years. 

In fact, industry growth has been so encouraging that employment levels for beauty therapists in New Zealand rose by 11,500 in 2018-19 alone, with favourable projections set until 2024.

To put it another way… this industry doesn’t show signs of slowing anytime soon. By diving into beauty therapy online courses, you’ll be tapping into a thriving, flourishing market which offers plenty of opportunities for career progression and personal growth.    

#2 The Gigs Are Gorgeous

One of the perks of studying online is the broad range of topics you can explore, in addition to the different career opportunities they can open up. Especially for those looking to make their mark in the beauty services industry. 

With a certificate in any of our beauty therapy skills, you will be better equipped to enter the industry through various pathways. It can open up the opportunity for you to pursue a career as an aesthetician, wax specialist, massage therapist, make-up artist, nail technician… and that’s just the tip of the eyela- sorry, tip of the iceberg. 

It really depends on what you love doing and learning about. Research even shows that if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, the more likely you are to be happier, more satisfied and experience more self-growth!

#3 So Many Skills

As an incredibly diverse industry, beauty therapy training can help you master numerous skills, from skincare and body treatments to make-up artistry and more. This style learning isn’t superficial but instead means you can dive into countless specialist topics and become a real pro.

As facial and body care professionals, beauty therapists acquire expertise in everything from skin biology and cosmetic chemistry to business management. Beauty therapy courses in New Zealand allow students to build an extensive portfolio of knowledge and skills that they can apply everywhere!

#4 The Flex(ibility)

When we say the flex, we don’t only mean your ability to brag about your brilliant beauty therapy skills. We also mean the flexible lifestyle… which, let’s be honest, you may be tempted to brag about too. 

Building a career as a beauty therapist can mean you set-up a work schedule or work in locations that suit your lifestyle that bit better.  

The options are almost endless; you can work in salons, spas, brand flagships, private companies or even from home, depending on where you’re comfortable and what career you’re pursuing. As one of the least confining career options available, beauty therapy can allow you to decide exactly how you spend your time and what you want to achieve in your professional life. 

The added bonus? You can flex that you’re a beauty therapist like our good friends Beyoncé (worked for her mom’s salon), Serena Williams (certified nail technician), and Nicole Kidman (massage therapist). Just remember to add #humblebrag and you’ll be good.

#5 The Hustle

Are you looking for a career in beauty that allows you to transition from employed to self-employed to business owner? Well congratulations, you’re in the perfect place. 

Studying beauty therapy online means you can decide on your unique hustle… whether you want to work for an existing business, service your own client list as an independent king/queen, or embark on your own entrepreneurial journey.

The way you choose to practice is really up to you. 

The shift to digital during quarantine, for instance, saw a lot of beauty therapists adapt by migrating their trade online. Many have created paid tutorials and content across various platforms, demonstrating the flexibility, creativity and freedom that comes along with being a beauty therapist.

As someone interested in beauty therapy, you’ll already have that inner spark of creativity and drive, so why not take your hustle to the next level? The opportunity is there for the taking. 

Those are just 5 reasons why studying a beauty therapist course part-time may be your next best move (trust us when we say… we could’ve listed hundreds of more reasons!) So… Reckon you’re up for becoming a beauty therapy pro? Then let’s make like Beyoncé and get in formation, because your journey with New Zealand Beauty School officially begins here. With our extensive range of online courses and industry expert tutors, there’s no better place to start.

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