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7 Steps to streak-free spray tanning

streak free tan

Streak-free spray tanning is the dream, right? The worst nightmare for both a spray tan client and their beauty therapist is a streaky tan.

Tanning has influenced the ages and a sun-kissed look remains extremely popular for Australians today. But If you want to give your clients a flawless and totally glamorous glow-up, you’ll want to read these…

1. Advise your clients on what to do before their spray tan appointment

The success of streak-free spray tanning depends partly upon the tanning machine and the technique of the beauty therapist. But the advice beauty therapists give to their clients is also really important. 

Make sure every customer knows the ‘dos and don’ts’ of preparing for a spray tan:

  • Gently exfoliate the skin around 12 hours before a spray tan. This gets rid of any dead or dry skin that can make a spray tan look patchy. 
  • On the day of a spray tan, avoid using any body lotion, moisturiser or oil on the skin. 
  • Don’t shave in the 24 hours before an appointment. And wax at least a few days before. 
  • Prepare to leave an appointment in baggy clothes and slip-on shoes – nothing that will rub the skin. If rain is forecast, an umbrella is a good idea too!

2. Help clients to prepare right before the appointment

Moisturiser, deodorant and make-up are all big no-no’s when it comes to spray tans. Provide cleansing wipes for clients who have forgotten to come to their appointment au naturel

Also, remind clients to remove all jewellery before they step into the spray tanning tent. And give them a shower cap to keep their locks out of the way of the spray. 

3. Protect the areas that tend to get a little too tanned

Spray tan takes to certain areas of the body better than others. The skin on the hands, elbows, knees and feet is generally drier and more delicate. 

So make moisturiser part of your spray tanning kit. Apply a thin layer of moisturiser to these areas. This will act as a barrier and prevent the tan from looking too dark in comparison to the rest of the body. 

Additionally, provide a towel on the base of the spray tanning tent and ask your client to stand on it. This will ensure the soles of their feet don’t end up bright orange – a giveaway fake tan sign!

4. Keep moving

Another key factor in achieving that perfect spray tan is how you use your spray tanning machine. You should keep the spray gun moving at all times. The right distance and the right speed will achieve even coverage and help you to avoid drips. 

The more you work with your spray tanning kit, the better you’ll be able to achieve perfect, streak-free coverage. And if drips occur, you can just blot with a tanning mitt and lightly re-spray.

5. Stick to a routine

To avoid streaks, you need to apply spray tan really methodically. 

Start by spraying down the back and the backs of the legs. Next, spray down the sides, getting your client to take a stride forward with one foot so you can spray the inside of the leg. Repeat on the other side. 

Next up, it’s the front of the body. Then the fronts and backs of the arms. And, finally, get your client to take a deep breath and close their eyes as you spray their face and neck. 

Stick to your routine and you’re much less likely to miss a spot.

6. Wipe down and dry

After the spray tan, you should wipe down the palms and cleanse the nails of your client. This will help to prevent orange staining. 

And if you’ll be drying off your client, focus on areas that generally take longer to dry, like under bum cheeks, behind knees and underarms.

7. Give aftercare advice

You’ll need to advise your client on when they can wash their hands or shower post-spray tan. Also, give tips on maintaining their tan. This should include advice on applying moisturiser morning and evening, patting skin dry after showering and avoiding long hot showers and baths. 

Stick to these seven steps and you’re much more likely to achieve streak-free spray tanning! If you’re interested in perfecting your technique, take a spray tanning course online with Australian Beauty School. Designed by industry professionals and with full tutor support, it’s an ideal way for busy beauty therapists to enhance their treatment skills. 

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