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7 Exciting & rewarding makeup artist careers

Exciting & Rewarding Makeup Artist Careers

Study a course in makeup artistry and a whole world of career opportunities opens up. 

Here are just some of the makeup artist careers you can explore when you’ve got an MUA qualification under your belt.

Bridal makeup artist

Helping a bride to feel beautiful on her big day can be really gratifying. You’ll usually work with your bride beforehand to decide upon a look and then execute it to perfection on her wedding day. 

You could also offer makeup sessions for other special occasions – like birthday celebrations and school formals. 

Professional makeup careers like this require a fair bit of weekend work. But getting to meet lots of different people, and helping your clients to look and feel their best, can make it feel totally worthwhile. 

Runway makeup artist

A career in runway makeup is fast-paced and demanding. It’s not for everyone. 

But if you enjoy a challenge and love getting creative, you’ll enjoy working with models and designers doing makeup for the catwalk.  

As your career progresses, you may even have a hand in devising a runway makeup concept. In that case, expect to see your look listed amongst key makeup trends for the coming season!

Print makeup artist

A print makeup artist works with stylists and photographers, creating looks for printed advertisements and fashion magazines. 

From the every day to the avant-garde, this is a career that will test your creative ability and offer great variety too.

Theatre and media makeup

Stars of the stage and screen need to look their best! 

As a theatrical makeup artist, you can be called upon to create dramatic looks that will project all the way to the back of an auditorium. 

If you work on commercial or television sets, you’ll usually be expected to do natural makeup – the kind that enhances features and looks great on screen. 

Build up a good portfolio, and you may even find yourself working with celebs on big-budget movies.

Special effects makeup

Theatre, television and film productions often require special effects makeup expertise. If you have a real creative streak, this can be an incredible makeup artistry career path. 

Using makeup and prosthetics, you’ll completely transform an actor’s appearance. You’ll create fake wounds. Make actors look decades older. Turn people into animals. Or create creatures from another planet! 

One thing’s for sure, no two days in SFX are ever the same!

Salon makeup artist

Some makeup artists choose to work in a salon or a spa. The benefit of makeup careers like this? 

You get steady work, without the ups and downs in income typical of freelance work. You also get to work within a team, which can really help you to develop your skills and grow as an MUA.

Freelance makeup artist

As a freelance makeup artist, you’ll work for yourself and run your own business. You can decide the areas of makeup artistry you want to specialise in. And choose the contracts that suit you best. It’s the ultimate in flexibility.

Which makeup artist career takes your fancy? We hope our list has provided some inspiration. 

If you want to build a career as an MUA but aren’t sure where to start, check out the makeup artistry courses at New Zealand Beauty School. 

Develop your skills and you’ll feel confident about taking that first step into a career you’ll love!

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