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How makeup empowers women

Makeup empowers women

Let’s talk about how makeup empowers women.

What does it mean to be empowered? The definition suggests it means to have the power and authority to do things and make decisions. To make something stronger, and more confident with your actions. 

The beauty industry is full of brilliant, trailblazing women who do just that. Take empowering makeup brands like Glossier, started by blogger Emily Weiss, for example. With its unapologetically pink packaging, products that actually work and smart social media strategy, Glossier quickly became the leading voice of a new era of beauty. And she now happens to run one of the coolest and highest value brands going. Pretty powerful right?

As well as taking the reins in the industry, makeup empowers women every day? Here are 4 ways we women find freedom, joy & liberation through makeup.

1 Makeup Is Art

Just one swipe across Instagram these days will show you how makeup is so much more than beauty. It’s an expression of life through colour. Whether it’s a spooky Halloween look, a mind-bending illusion or beautiful contours – our skin is a canvas just like any other. Makeup shows us we are free to explore our wildest imagination!

2 Makeup Is Self Care

Makeup is time just for us. Time to unwind, relax and enhance our natural beauty. Makeup artists and beauty therapists are the people who help us do this. They bring attention to the parts of ourselves that are uniquely ours. The parts that make us stunning in our own way, making the things we love even more beautiful. Whether it’s with a daytime look which features a subtle glow or a bold smokey eye for that big work party – your clients are given the time to indulge in themselves. For many, it allows them to both manage their stress and connect with their inner self, leaving your chair confident and refreshed. Makeup can mean they feel ready to take on whatever life has to throw at them!

3 Makeup Is Transformation 

Women are ever-changing chameleons. We have the power to express our mood, our sense of self and our identity through our makeup. Whether it’s a red lip for when we feel wild and free or a natural glow for when we feel beautiful just as we are. Maybe it’s a winged liner for when we need the power to kick through any wall in our path. Or maybe it’s simply the power to become who we really are, to look in the mirror and see ourselves as we always wanted to, whether we are born a woman or transitioning to one. Makeup empowerment is about expressing all the sides of women and all the ways we are unique and special.

4 Makeup Is A Choice

The ultimate empowerment is making our own decisions. Whether we wear makeup, or not. Whether we wear a red lip or a rainbow one. Whether we wear it for ourselves or for the effect it might have on other people. Makeup and empowerment go hand in hand – because makeup is about choice. As makeup artists, you can make those dreams and decisions become a reality! 

Do you feel like makeup empowers you? Does it fill your day with joy? If you want to bring your passion to life, then enrol on our MakeUp Artistry Certificate. The course will teach you all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to build a killer career as a makeup artist. Whether you are creating amazing Instagram art or helping women let their inner beauty shine – we’ll help you perfect it! 

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