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Are sculptured nails better than tips?

Blue sparkly nails

People have been decorating their nails for centuries, and our nail game has only gone from strength to strength – as shown by this extensive list of the most up-and-coming nail art detailed in an article by our Australian neighbours over at Refinery29. Nail treatments have flown to the top of the beauty industry chart in terms of popularity, with nail care rating as one of the number one ways in which to practice some self-care.

And it hasn’t stopped there – new ways of creating beautiful nails are being tried and tested everyday! Some of the most popular nail treatments include: gels, acrylics, express nails, and the star of this blog – the sculptured (sculpted) nail!

So let’s take a closer look.

The difference between sculptured nails and tips

Both nail treatments come from a similar idea, but the overall effect is executed slightly differently to achieve different effects. 

Nail tips are pretty much the false nails that we know and love; the acrylic plastic base in our desired shape that is applied to the natural nail and supplies a canvas for coloured acrylic or gels.

Nail sculpting involves using a temporary template under the nail in order to achieve our desired nail shape, and the coloured gel or acrylic is then used to form said shape. The template is then removed, leaving you with a perfectly sculpted set of nails. Our American neighbours over at Elle give an in-depth article all about the sculpted nail and how the magic works.

difference between sculpting and tips infographic

Sculpted nails


Less kit required – sculpted nails don’t require as much gear to achieve, meaning you can travel a little lighter!

Quicker and easier than tip application – once you get efficient at applying sculpted nails, you might find that it is an easier and quicker nail treatment service to offer as opposed to tip application.

More natural finish – sculpted nails are so popular due to the lighter and more natural look and feel they offer once completed. They do not require a plastic base to be adhered to the natural nail and therefore don’t feel as heavy.


It’s new and therefore unfamiliar – humans are creatures of habit, and sometimes trying new things and straying from what we know, particularly when it comes to sending money on a beauty treatment, can be a deterrent.

It takes longer to get the hang of it – as the nail is being built from scratch, sculpted nails have a tendency to be more difficult to craft than the more straightforward application of acrylic tips.

Sculpting pros and cons

Nail tips


Strong choice – due to the solid acrylic plastic base that the nails are then built upon, nail tips are a good choice for those wanting hard-wearing false nails.

Easy to learn – the application of acrylic nails is one of the simplest to learn, so you can become an expert in no time!

All nails are created equal – as the shape of the nail is already created, all the nails tend to look neat and equal once applied, making for a perfect manicure.


Not as natural-looking – acrylic tips can look quite false at times and so may not be the right fit for someone looking for a more natural nail look.

Take a while to apply – the process of applying nail tips can take quite a long time.

More likely to damage natural nails – due to the acrylic plastic base pushing down on the natural nail plate, and paired with the use of nail adhesive, acrylic nails have a bit of a reputation for damaging natural nails. It is advised to take breaks between acrylic nail treatments to allow your natural nails to strengthen again.

Tips pros and cons infographic

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