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Lash tech essentials – what you need in your kit

Rows of eyelash extensions

False eyelashes and mascara are an easy and accessible way to lengthen your lashes with minimal intervention. But what about something with a bit more longevity? How about a lash treatment that will last?

As lash treatments have risen in popularity, the demand for trained lash technicians has become high. One of the most popular treatments on the market is eyelash extensions, which involve applying synthetic lash applications/long-lasting individual lashes to the lash line, which, when completed, should merge seamlessly with the natural lashes and create a more defined, lengthened look.

Starter kits

So, what basics would any good lash tech need in their kit? Here’s the lowdown:

Primer – it is always best to start with a solid foundation. Priming eyelashes ready for application is vital for the health and maintenance of the natural lashes that will sit beneath the extensions.

Lash adhesive – getting the lashes to stick…a struggle many of us know well! A lash technician worth their salt will always ensure they have a high-quality adhesive to attach lashes with. They will also consult with the client about any existing allergies or sensitivities before using any products directly on them.

Lash tape/pads – you’re going to want to use these if you don’t want to end up glueing your clients’ eyes shut! 

Tweezers – lash application can be fiddly work, and the use of tweezers is an absolute must. This nifty little tool allows for precision when applying false lashes, particularly when opting for smaller or individual extensions.

Remover – whether you are removing an old pair of extensions or reworking a new pair, having a top-quality removing agent to hand is vital. You need to be able to remove lashes swiftly and with ease.

A lash tile – a handy little glass tile to place the lashes on during application, making them easier to see and reducing the risk of losing any!

And, of course…lashes! – having a large range of lashes in different styles, colours and thicknesses will make you extremely popular. People like to have options – the more options there are, the greater the chance of client satisfaction.

Lash tech essentials infographic

Knowing how to tailor the service to specific clients and their face shapes etc

Depending on a client’s face shape and facial features, different eyelash lengths, styles and colours are more likely to suit them. 

The 6 main types of facial shapes include:

ROUND – round face types appear rounded in shape, with soft edges and symmetry in width and length

OVAL – similarly to the round face shape, oval faces often have softer lines and edges whilst presenting slightly longer with a more narrow point towards the chin

SQUARE – often equal in width and length with a sharp jaw, squarer faces can appear quite symmetrical

RECTANGLE (OBLONG) – rectangular faces share a likeness to square face types, often with a sharp or strong jaw, however, rectangle face types tend to be longer in length than in width.

HEART – those with a heart shape face tend to have a wider forehead, which then leads down to higher, more defined cheekbones and a pointed chin

DIAMOND – diamond faces often present with sharp, angular features and share the heart shape’s trademark point at the chin and higher cheekbones

It is also essential to recognise a client’s facial structure and features so as to offer them the best treatment possible.

6 main types of face shape infographic


Eye size – large or small, there are lashes for every eye!

Eye shape, orientation, and eyelids – a client’s eyes may be upturned or downturned, almond-shaped or rounded, close together or far apart, or perhaps their eyelids are hooded. Whatever position their peepers are in, it is important to find the most comfortable set of lashes for them.

Eye/eyelash colour – eye colour and natural eyelash tone can greatly impact the colour and style of lashes that will best make a client’s eyes pop.

Eyebrow shape, thickness and colour – eyebrows are one of the most noticeable features on our face; small changes to them often alter the framing of a face completely. When helping a client to choose their lash extensions, it is important to talk them through the selection process and how many facial features, such as eyebrows, can impact the overall look of the lashes once they are applied.

Complexion – Similar to a client’s eye colour, their complexion can impact the lashes’ overall effect. You will want to discuss different lash thicknesses, colours and degrees of curl to make sure the client is happy with the look before application.

Our cousins over in the USA at Lash Lovers offer an extensive guide to the different types of lash extensions and which style would best suit your eye shape.

How to become a lash tech

Here at the New Zealand Beauty School, we have a popular eyelash extension course online, where you will be equipped with the essential practical and theoretical knowledge to apply for beautiful eyelash extensions, making your clients feel their very best.

Our comprehensive course has been designed by professionals, giving you the expertise to establish a firm foundation in the beauty industry. This advanced training will elevate you above the competition – with a solid tutor support system in place for our students. We are here to encourage you to reach your fullest potential.

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And it’s not just extensions that are all the rage; why not check out our Certificate in Eyelash Lift and Tint, explore the world of lash perms with a lash perm starter kit, or perhaps even look into a lash life and brown lamination kit, combining the skills of both an eyelash and eyebrow technician. All of our comprehensive eyelash and eyebrow beauty courses have something unique to offer, so what are you waiting for!

Reach for the stars with a lash extension course at New Zealand Beauty School.

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