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Can I do a nail course online?

Nail tech filing a woman's nails

Do you love nails? Are you addicted to heading down to the local nail salon or scrolling through images of celebrities online to find the best new nail looks to try out? Is your Pinterest board packed with nail inspiration? Then perhaps becoming a nail technician is on the cards for your career! 

If your current job is unfulfilling or uninspiring and you would love to transition to this career, or you’re interested in trying it out but don’t want to commit to a longer and more expensive course…then studying a nail course online could be the answer for you. 

Online nail technician courses are a fantastic way to dip your toe in the water and see if this job route is for you! With online nail tech courses at New Zealand Beauty School, you can work at a time and place that fits your lifestyle and current working schedule. 

But what else do nail courses online offer that regular ones don’t? Well, if you’re asking these questions, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a look at the benefits and how you can begin working as a nail technician after completing a certificate in Nail Tech and/or Manicures and Pedicures!

Online nail technician courses

Perhaps online study isn’t the first route you’d consider when you think of getting a certificate in nails, and we wouldn’t blame you! But did you know that our nail courses include Manicures and Pedicures, Nail Tech and Advanced Nail Tech? Everything you need to train to become a nail technician from the comfort of your own home.

More importantly – our nail courses come with a professional kit, so you get to practise these skills and immediately apply your study in real-life scenarios. Our kit also helps you to get familiar with salon-grade quality products compiled to meet industry best practice and standards.

Nail technician job: the fundamentals

So, what is a nail technician and what does this job actually involve? In short, a nail technician helps provide top-quality care for a client’s nails – which may involve shaping and polishing the nail, maintaining the nail bed, giving massages, applying polish and acrylics and consulting and advising clients on the nail looks they should choose! 

It’s the perfect career for those with a passion for nails and nail art. As well as becoming an expert in delivering a quality nail design experience with your expertise, you can also learn to master the fundamentals of running your very own nail business. 

Whether you work for yourself or in a salon, you will be in charge of activities like taking bookings and the associated admin, handling client enquiries, maintaining and preparing nail tools and equipment with the utmost care, providing eagle-eye attention to detail – to ensure the safety of the client experience, and staying on top of sterilising your station. 

What is a nail technician infographic

Career prospects for a nail technician

To reiterate, nail technicians are beauty specialists who maintain and decorate toenails and fingernails by undertaking manicures, and pedicures, applying artificial nails and extensions, removing dead skin and providing light massage. 

The career trends in this area look hugely positive too, with demand growing year on year. The majority of nail technicians in New Zealand work full time, with the average salary falling between 35k and 60k, and nail tech jobs rating highly for job satisfaction. 

While it is a female-dominated industry, there are male nail technicians, too – so this shouldn’t put you off if you’re a guy who’s considering this career! 

Manicures and Pedicures Certificate

Have you decided that this sounds like the career for you? Perfect! Because our nail course in Manicures and Pedicures is a perfect way to begin your career in nails! 

You’ll learn how to create the perfect nail shape – whether oval, almond or stiletto – and you’ll also discover the proper way to clean cuticles with care and buff away the nail ridge so it’s smooth and prepped for polish. Best of all, you’ll master the art of delivering a hand exfoliation and massage for a spa-like experience! 

Whether looking to create a colour or French tip finish, with our nail course you’ll have all the tools in your kit to deliver a premium polish. The kit provided includes nail files, buffers, cuticle pusher and clippers, foot rasps, hand massage cream, hand mask, exfoliant, paraffin pot and paraffin wax and multiple polishes. This means you can begin putting your expertise into effect immediately, earning money from your side gig or making nails your full-time gig!

Nail Technician Certificate

For those who aren’t in any doubt or perhaps have already completed the certificate in Manicures and Pedicures and want to take your learning to the next level – our Nail Tech certificate is the next stop for you! 

Whether it’s acrylics, gel polish, builder gel application or dipping systems – you’ll be more than prepared to provide excellent quality nail services after studying this nail tech course! This course also goes a few steps further to teach you the fundamentals of customer service, how best to consult with your client and brief on the legal aspects to be aware of when carrying out this kind of work. 

The kit that accompanies this nail course again means you’ll have everything you need to begin your nail career journey! From the UV system required for gel nails to dipping powder pots, acrylic liquid and powders, builder gel pots and top and base coats – you’ve got every possibility covered! 

Combined study – Advanced Nail Technician Course

If you’d like the most comprehensive training with all the equipment you’ll need to kick off your career – why not take our Advanced Nail Technician certificate? Formulated by industry experts, this comprehensive course is made up of both our popular Manicure and Pedicure and Nail Tech courses. As well as receiving both kits, you’ll be armed with all the important knowledge you need to be a nail virtuoso! 

nail course

Studying nail courses with New Zealand Beauty School

When it comes to securing a career in the beauty industry, there is so much potential for you to build on your skills and expertise, creating a profession that you truly love. And it can all be achieved by taking the first step with us today and undertaking a nail course online.

Your course comes with 24/7 online access, perfect to fit around your current responsibilities and schedule, and has been designed to suit all learning styles – with ebooks, self-assessment tests and assignments to support your study.

Tutor support service is also available to you via phone and email 6 days a week, so you can ask any questions and get help with overcoming any challenges as you progress through your course. Plus, with your very own Beauty Kit, you’ll be able to begin working immediately, proudly displaying your certificate of achievement and attainment for all to see.

What are you waiting for – contact one of our course consultants today!

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