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What is the difference between classic and hybrid lashes?

Lash tech adjusting eyelash extensions

Love to make a dramatic statement through fierce and fashionable lash looks? Then a well-applied lash extension is the answer for you! However, if you’re new to the world of lash extensions, deciding between the options available can be quite confusing… Hybrid lashes or classic lashes? Classic or hybrid? That is the question!

Most of the time, we rely on our beauty therapist to explain and advise on the best option for us. But just what are the differences between these two lash extension types, and how can we know which option is best for us? 

Let’s inspect these lash types and help you decide which is best for your next trip to the beauty salon! 

Classic lash extension

For a simple, beautiful style – you can’t go wrong with classic lash extensions. One extension is added for each natural lash, so they won’t bulk out the lashes or add too much volume. But if it’s length you’re after, while keeping things as natural looking as possible, classic lashes are probably best for you. 

Perfect for a “no-extensions-extensions-look”, these are a great introduction to lash extensions if you’ve never had them before, and are the kindest option for your wallet too! They’re also a great everyday lash look, not dramatic or distracting in the slightest. Yet they’re an ideal solution for saving you time and effort, as this lash extension type means no need to apply mascara or remove all that makeup in the evening! 

On average, classic lashes take about 1.5-2 hours to apply.

Hybrid lash 101

Building on the classic lash extension and going one step further, we have hybrid lash extensions. While the classic lash on its own doesn’t provide volume, the hybrid combines this with a volume lash in a 30:70 ratio for the fullest, most texturised lash look. 

Hybrid lashes bring the glamour – they’re designed to be noticed! However, by combining the volume lash with a classic lash, hybrid lashes offer a more subtle, soft look than you get using volume lashes exclusively. 

In essence, you get the best of both worlds with hybrid lashes as they combine the best attributes of classic and volume lashes. However, as hybrid lashes involve preparing the volume lash fans, they take a little longer to apply, on average 2-2.5 hours. If the client has gaps in their natural lash line, too, this is a better choice than the classic to help make their eyes wow! 

In truth, there is no best option between the two – it completely depends on the condition of your natural lashes, the style you’re hoping to achieve, the budget you have and the amount of patience you have! 

Lash training – courses of study 

Interested in training in the skill of luscious lashes? Want to begin your own beauty career or build on your existing repertoire? Then taking a short beauty course online could be the solution for you!

With our Certificate in Eyelash Extensions you’ll be able to enjoy an advanced course in eyelash extension training while expanding your beauty game abilities and getting equipped with expert knowledge. We send out a kit specifically designed for eyelash extension application, giving you all the tools you need to nail your training. Whilst the modules themselves will teach you all you need to know about types of lashes, eye shapes and styles, glue and dipping, placement, cleansing, aftercare and customer service. 

As industry professionals designed the course, you’ll receive world-class lash extension training from the people who know what it takes to be world-class lash technicians.

Lash extension course at New Zealand Beauty School

The possibilities are endless – are you ready to begin? With online 24/7 access to your eyelash course, no restrictions to suit your schedule and access to a variety of learning formats, including eBooks, self-assessment tests and assignments – New Zealand Beauty School is a wonderful provider to help you get started on your new career path. With tutor support service available to you via phone and email 6 days a week, this means you’ll be supported through the process from start to finish! 

What are you waiting for? With online study and lash tool kits provided, the Certificate in Lash Extensions at New Zealand Beauty School is accessible and flexible, and can kickstart your career in the beauty industry today!

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