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Chemical free spray tans

A woman with a tan

Spray tanning and at-home tanning products have become a quick and safe way to get that golden glow without the risks of sun damage. Often renowned as a symbol of health and vitality, tanning can give us an extra boost of confidence, making us feel like we have just stepped off the beach after a day of surfing and sun-lounging. 

But what do spray tans actually contain, and how can we achieve a beautiful even tan without being smothered in chemicals?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Tanning – what is it, and why does it happen

When our skin is exposed to direct sunlight, the UVA radiation from the sun targets the melanocyte cells in the lower epidermis levels of the skin and stimulates them to start producing Melanin. Melanin then darkens the skin pigment, forming what we refer to as a ‘tan’. Melanin is actually what protects our skin from burning, our natural form of sunblock, if you will.

While we need sunlight for overall health and wellbeing, such as to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D – which helps support proper tooth, bone and muscle health – it can be extremely damaging to the skin and, if exposed too often, can lead to more serious health risks such as skin cancer.

This is why many people opt for the safer, more efficient spray tan or self-tanning products, which give you more control over your shade and the products you use whilst avoiding sun damage.

Choosing your tan

One of the biggest chemicals used in tans and most beauty products is ‘parabens’. These often serve as a preservative to maintain product shelf-life but are not necessarily the healthiest for humans.

We have done some research and compiled a list of some non-toxic and more natural options when it comes to getting a spray tan or doing it yourself at home:

Little Honeywith products as sweet as its name, New Zealand company Little Honey’s tanning and skincare options are both paraben and cruelty-free – friendly for both our furry friends and us.

Eco Tanmulti-award-winning company Eco Tan boasts an extensive range of certified organic tanning products and a whole host of makeup and skin and body care options to boot.

Luna Bronzea vegan, organic option when it comes to fake tanning, LUNA BRONZE has everything you could ever wish for, skin care being a top priority with their range of serums and moisturisers, as well as helpful articles on skin health and wellbeing.

Want to bring a little sunshine to those around you?

Spray tan courses are one of the best ways in which to enter into this line of work, giving you a solid foundation of application knowledge and practical experience. Amongst our abundance of short beauty courses here at New Zealand Beauty School, we offer a Certificate in Spray Tanning course – a short comprehensive course giving you everything you will need to become a professional spray tanner. 

This professionally-crafted course will equip you with the vital knowledge and skills you will need to deliver top-quality tanning services. You will learn everything from equipment use and maintenance to solution selection and application skills – spray tanning courses are the way forward if you want to break into the business with style!

The clue is in the name: all our short beauty courses are completely online, giving you the freedom and flexibility to work your studies around your schedule and lifestyle. And better yet – this is a spray tan course and kit! We will deliver your very own custom kit to you with all the tools you will need to start you off on the right foot. 

Start your spray tan training journey with New Zealand Beauty School today and say goodbye to silly old sun damage!

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