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How to perfect the fan

Zoomed in view of a eye with eyelash extensions

Long, fanned lashes have become a staple in the beauty industry repertoire, and records of eyelash enhancements can be dated back to Ancient Egyptian times. Both lash and brow volume are two of the most defining ways in which we can alter our appearance, as these tiny hairs frame our faces and enhance our expressions.

With the growth of products such as mascara and false lashes, as well as treatments such as eyelash extension, creating a bold look with your lashes has never been more accessible.

But creating that perfect fan look? Now there’s the challenge. Everybody’s natural lashes are different and, therefore, will hold shape, makeup and extensions in a different way. Some of us will have upward-growing lashes, some will have straight lashes that tend to grow outwards, whilst others may have swooping downward-growing lashes. Our British neighbours over at Revitalash have written a very informative blog about our natural lash cycles, helping you get to grips with your natural growth pattern.

We are here to offer a few sage words of wisdom on all things lashes, guiding you towards achieving that perfect fanned lash look.

Types of eyelash enhancements

Lash treatments have become more advanced in recent years, resulting in a repertoire of options to choose from when it comes to eyelash enhancement.

Popular treatments:

Eyelash extensions – this involves applying synthetic lash applications to the lash line, which, when completed, should merge seamlessly with the natural lashes and create a more defined, lengthened look.

Eyelash lift and tint – a lift and tint treatment will uplift and enhance your natural lashes, perfect for those looking for a more natural vibe as opposed to a full glamour look.

Hybrid lashes – combining the best of both worlds, lash extension combines with volume technique to create the ultimate defined lashes.

Easy DIY options:

Eyelash curlers – investing in a decent pair of eyelash curlers can be an easy and thrifty way to get salon-looking lashes from the comfort of your own home.

Mascara – you can never go far wrong with a trusty old mascara. With a never-ending choice of brands, formulas and wand styles, at-home lash enhancement has never been so easy. Easy, quick application is the order of the day, and once you find a brand that you love, you will never want to part with it – there is a reason why the classics stay so popular!

False lashes – whether glue-on or the new innovative magnetic lashes, buying a set of reliable false lashes that you really love can add a boost of confidence to your day when you are perhaps looking for a more affordable way to enhance your look.

Why not try a few different options and see which works best for you?

Do you have a passion for lashes?

If you love the eyelash industry, you might have considered lash training – perhaps an eyelash extension certificate or lash tech course?

Here at New Zealand Beauty School, we have a range of professionally tailored short beauty courses to give you the best start in a career as an eyelash technician. Our comprehensive lash tech courses include a Certificate in Eyelash Extensions and Certificate in Eyelash Lift and Tint.

Our online courses give you the freedom and flexibility to learn and explore your new craft in the familiar environment of home, working to a schedule that suits you.

Each course comes with a downloadable brochure with further information about course content and module breakdown, as well as details about accessing your learning online and tutor support.

Our priority is that you get the most out of your training without fretting over the financials, and therefore offer tuition fee plans to make investing in your future that little bit more manageable. 

And it’s not simply brows and lashes that we deal in; we have an eclectic range of different short beauty course certificates to choose from.

So come and see what takes your fancy!

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