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Eyebrow wax and tints: everything you need to know for runway-worthy brows

waxing a woman's eyebrows

What is an eyebrow wax and tint?

Eyebrow wax and tints include shaping the perfect brow (that’s the wax part) before applying semi-permanent dye. The effect is producing more defined, more dramatic and more clearly structured brows, which last for much longer than the options we mentioned above. 

Eyebrow tinting, in particular, can help brows appear thicker, fresher and overall more youthful-looking.

And remember, it’s not a case of going super dark or uber light. Rather, the tinting should aim to match your complexion and enhance your natural colour.

What are the steps of an eyebrow wax and tint?

This treatment is extremely straightforward and – better yet – it can be an incredibly quick process too. 

Once you’ve identified what kind of style and look you want to achieve, it’s then a case of… 

  • Prepping the area
  • Shaping the brow as desired through waxing/tweezing/trimming
  • Cleaning the brow area and applying petroleum jelly to the surrounding skin area (as this helps prevent staining)
  • Mixing and applying the correct dye shade
  • Leaving the dye to develop
  • Removing the excess dye

Obviously, we’ve simplified these steps and there’s much more skill involved in the application part of the process. Yet you can still see that overall, the wax and tinting treatment is not hugely complicated – and still achieves phenomenal results!

What are the benefits of eyebrow waxing and tinting?

This particular treatment is not only amazing because of how long your desired look lasts… but also because it is so versatile. It’s ideal for a range of hair shades, skin tones and types, and it’s a treatment that can be achieved in the comfort of your own home (A huge bonus in our books!)We’d always recommend approaching a trained individual to wax and tint your eyebrows (as we don’t want any fashion faux pas to occur, after all!). Ideally, someone who has completed an Eyebrow Wax and Tint course and is experienced in applying this treatment to a range of different brow types.

Whilst you’ll need to avoid wetting your eyebrows for a 12-hour period following your wax and tint treatment, you’ll pretty much see immediate results. And the fact that these results can last for anywhere between three to six weeks is the cherry on top, in our opinion.

You can pop in for touch-ups every four weeks or so, if you’d like to maintain a certain shape or shade. However, another main benefit of wax and tinting is that it’s very low-maintenance in comparison to alternative beauty treatments. Just be careful about what products you use on your brows afterwards.  For instance, oil-based products may cause the tint to fade that bit faster. But if you’re careful with what you apply and how you maintain your brows, there’s no reason why you won’t enjoy weeks of your luscious new look. 

As we mentioned before, this is a treatment best performed by a trained beauty therapist… yet there’s also a prime opportunity for you to discover these skills for yourself! If you love all things beauty and are interested in starting your own portable beauty service or at-home beauty salon, then why not consider completing an Eyebrow Wax and Tint course online

You’ll discover top industry tips, such as how to adapt waxing and tinting for different face and eyebrow shapes, and also the vital aftercare steps to ensure brows stay on fleek for as long as possible. You’ll also gain a beauty kit as part of your course. This means you will receive all the essential tools to produce flawless brows, and can feel at the top of your game, knowing that you’ve been equipped with the pro equipment used by the best of the best.

By mastering this skill through studying online, you’ll not only be able to perfect an ace new skill (from the comfort of your own home, may we add!) you’ll also be gaining experience that’ll help to build the beauty career of your dreams. What’s not to love?

Eyebrow waxing and tinting is the future of gorgeous, jaw-dropping brows, and you too can master this art form. Discover your potential with the New Zealand Beauty School eyebrow waxing and tinting certificate today. 

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