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The future is eyebrow lamination


Everyone in the beauty world is talking about eyebrow lamination. Like the full, feathery brows it creates, lamination looks like a trend that might just be here to stay. 

So what is eyebrow lamination? And what does this treatment involve? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is eyebrow lamination? 

It’s a super popular eyebrow trend taking New Zealand (and, of course, Instagram) by storm. It’s basically a perm for the eyebrows. And it’s also sometimes called a brow sculpt or brow lift. 

Part of a wider “I woke up like this” trend, eyebrow lamination means you don’t need to use brow gels or a trusty bar of soap to get fluffy, feathery brows.

Instead, lamination helps eyebrow hairs to lie in the right direction and fills any gaps. This gives a perfectly groomed, brushed-up look, with minimal post-treatment effort. 

In comparison to other brow treatments – like microblading or tinting – eyebrow lamination doesn’t add any pigment to the skin and it’s completely painless! 

It’s possible to try eyebrow lamination at home with DIY kits. But for flawless results and maximum impact, choosing a qualified therapist is always the best option. 

How does eyebrow lamination work? 

Eyebrow lamination requires two different treatment solutions. 

The first makes brow hairs softer and more pliable. It takes the curl out of the hairs, making them instantly straighter and longer. 

After the first solution is applied, brows are brushed straight up, covered with plastic wrap and left for around 10 minutes. 

Brows are then brushed into the desired shape before the second solution is applied. This solution sets the hairs into their new shape. Brows are again covered and left for around 10 minutes. 

A conditioning treatment is then sometimes applied. 

The whole treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes. And brows can be tinted afterwards if required. 

The results

Check out eyebrow lamination before and after pics and you’ll see a dramatic difference. Brows look neater, fuller and slicker. But also really natural. 

The treatment tends to tame bushy eyebrows into a tidy, defined shape. For sparse brows, eyebrow lamination covers any gaps and makes them look fuller.

Effects last up to eight weeks. And whilst brows hold their place, you can still use a spoolie brush to style them how you want them. 

After a treatment, it’s possible to move the brows around to make them fluffier or sleeker so you’re not stuck with the same look for weeks on end. 

How much does it cost? 

Most salons charge around $120 for an eyebrow lamination treatment. Prices may be higher if eyebrow tinting or shaping is also included. 

It’s a much more affordable option compared to microblading. And the results speak for themselves! 

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