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How do I become a facialist in New Zealand? (+ the best skin facial courses to get you there!)

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Beauty industry jobs are centred around wellness. Giving that refreshed, restored and confident glow to clients is the best part of any beautician’s career – and none more so than the wonderful world of facials. These hugely popular treatments reveal healthier, happier & no-filter-needed skin that’s radiant against signs of stress and aging.

So it’s no surprise, with post-lockdown clients looking for a reset, that this area of dermal science is booming. Valued at $140 billion in 2020 and projected to grow over 4% by 2026 – there’s never been a better time to learn how to become a facialist! 

But how do you get qualified and find facial courses that work for you? Is esthetician school the way to go? And what short beauty course options are available? 

Let’s find out!

What does a facialist do?

Are you a people person? Have you always been a skincare geek? Do you want your work to both positively impact lives & be financially rewarding? Then working in facials might be the perfect role for you. 

A facialist, also known as an esthetician, is a beautician who has specialised skills, training & knowledge in the area of skincare & dermal science. 

Facial treatments are an umbrella term for a family of skin care treatments for the face, that includes:

  • Cleansing 
  • Steaming
  • Exfoliation 
  • Extraction
  • Masks
  • Peels
  • Applying specialised products, lotions & formulas

As well as helping to maintain excellent skin health, specific facials or a combination of treatments can also be used for specific skin conditions. Whether it’s to treat dark circles, signs of aging or treat areas prone to acne. 

A trained esthetician/facialist can create routines and services tailored to different skin types, improving the texture and appearance of oily or dry skin, while adding a feel good glow to their clients by creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Working to revitalise, heal, & refresh their patrons – impressing them with their skills and keep them coming back for more. 

Here’s an idea of a facialist’s typical daily routine:

  • Preparation – before your first clients, you will make sure all equipment is clean and sterilised and the salon space or treatment area has a calming atmosphere. This could include cleaning, lighting candles, using essential oils & reviewing client notes. 
  • Appointments – you will begin with each booking by discussing the client’s needs & analysing their skin condition & texture. Then you’ll get to work providing appropriate treatments and recommending products and post-treatment care that will enhance their results. 
  • Administration – between clients you’ll be a beauty boss! Ensuring everything at your salon or spa runs smoothly, which could include accounting work, appointment reminders, diary management, collaborating with other employees & ordering those all-important ingredients & supplies. 

What skills does a facialist need?

While being a role that requires an excellent understanding of the nuances of skincare, estheticians also work with clients emotionally. Improving their confidence, soothing their stress & providing an environment of relaxation.

Soft skills – each client has different skincare goals or needs, and may also bring insecurities and problems with them in the hope of finding a solution. For this reason, facialists need excellent interpersonal skills, with a warm & welcoming approach.They may need to be able to explain complex procedures and ingredients in a digestible manner, to help clients understand and enjoy the experience. 

Knowledge – a thorough understanding of skincare & dermal science is a must. A facialist must be able to determine and diagnose the best treatments for their clients, to work closely with them and deliver a fantastic result. 

Technical skills – as well as using their hands, facialists sometimes use electrical equipment to aid their treatments – such as UV masks, steamers & other cleansing instruments. Being able to handle these products effectively will enhance the treatment options available to your clients.

Blending these skills, your role will inspire confidence and happiness in others. There’s no greater feeling than seeing a client’s eyes light up as they look in the mirror, turning that bad day around and helping them achieve the self-care they need to thrive in a busy world. 

What can a facialist earn in New Zealand?

The average salary for a trained facialist, or esthetician, in New Zealand is between $40,000-$60,000, making it an excellent career choice for those skin-care obsessives. 

The key to a booming career in skincare, is repeat clients. Once a client feels confident in your services, seeing the visible results of your work, they will become loyal customers that come back time and again. 

How do I become an esthetician or facialist in New Zealand?

Get trained – to work in any beauty services, get off to a great start by training on an NZQF partnered programme (a New Zealand government accredited organisation).

These skin facial courses come in a variety of packages. You could take a bachelors degree, or join an esthetician school, which is a longer study option in a fixed place. 

Or if you’d rather have a flexible, self led programme that fits around your lifestyle, why not train online? Our online facialist course can equip you with both the theoretical and practical expertise to get your dream career started, without sacrificing your normal schedule. Whether that’s the school pick up or the day job that allows you to retrain for your new beauty career. 

Our short beauty courses are delivered and tutored by industry experts, come with a certificate of completion and a full transcript of the units you have completed.

Get experience – either by gaining entry level positions at a salon, or by having friends and family as your first customers. In fact, our facialist course comes complete with a professional facials kit, so you can start building your experience from day one and get ahead of the competition!

Your career path 

After gaining several years of experience in a spa or salon an esthetician/facialist could choose to expand their business and their income and impact by opening their own spa – either in a busting area or from the comfort of your own home! This can add greater flexibility to your hours and allow you to become the beauty boss you’ve always dreamed of. 

Plus, by adding further skills to your repertoire through short beauty courses, like lash extensions, brow henna or tanning, you can become an all round beautician that your clients will love! A great way to future-proof your business, boost your client numbers and allow your salon to thrive and expand. 

Once experienced, a senior level esthetician with a range of beauty skills can earn as much as $70,000 – $100,000. Building a beauty business or your own successful spa could take you closer to $120,000!

A great skin facial course can boost your career in this growing industry, by elevating your expertise & teaching you how to provide a 5 star experience for your clients. Designed by industry professionals, the New Zealand Beauty School facials course does just that. Covering all the key areas of aesthetician school, including skin anatomy, nutrition & analysis. 

It also makes for an amazing facial refresher course, if your skills feel a little rusty, due to its incredible flexibility. 24/7 access and full tutor support means you can learn when it suits you, with affordable payment plans to suit every budget. And not to forget your professional beauty kit, all included in your course price. Investing in your future career has never been easier! 

So whether you’re new to the beauty industry, ready to refresh and modernise your skills, or enhance the offerings at your salon or home-based business – our comprehensive course is perfect for beauty bosses of all kinds.

Check out our dermal therapy course and get ready to offer fantastic facials to your happy clients sooner than you think!

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