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5 things to know before getting a spray tan

spray tan being applied to person

Spray tans – the real-life Instagram filter that leaves you with that quintessentially glowy and sun-kissed. The natural and gentle way to enhance any natural skin tone, to even out your complexion and give you that extra dewy glam look….if done right!

The key to a great spray tan? It’s all in the prep work. So before you even book your appointment, or start welcoming new clients to your beauty salon, make sure you know the ins and outs of what makes a great spray tan even better. Share it with your friends, colleagues and new customers – and create that beachy, lucious look time after time. 

Let’s jump in with…

1. Get a patch test

You wouldn’t dye your hair or get a tattoo without thought and consideration, so do the same with your tan. 

Decide on the shade and feel that you are after, and discuss it with the salon of your choice. See if their offering aligns with what you want, and have a patch test to ensure your skin is happy with the formula. 

(Offering this kind of personalisation to your clients is an amazing way to make them feel confident too!)

Walk around with the patch, hold it up to different lights and see how it looks with a bunch of outfits. Once you are sure the shade is for you, move onto step…

2. The 48 hour hair rule

If you or your client want to undergo any hair removal treatments, it needs to be done at least 48 hours before the tanning appointment. 

This is because any freshly waxed skin can become irritated if sprayed onto too quickly, and also allows the skin to recover, leaving a smoother surface.

So book that waxing appointment quickly!

3. Scrub, scrub, scrub

To get the best application & lasting luxe feel – it’s time to get your scrub on. Opt for an oil free body scrub and exfoliate all over thoroughly. This will remove any flaky or uneven skin, and leave you with a smooth canvas to work with. 

Instruct clients to take time with this phase, especially on the drier areas of their bodies such as elbows and knees. As to really make the most of the colour and have a successful application – this part is key!

If possible, this should be done at least 24 hours before the treatment, as this allows the skin’s pores to fully close and will help to prevent any colour build ups. 

4. Moisturise 

To double up on combating those dry areas, moisturise your skin thoroughly the night before your appointment. Pay attention to those tricky areas – elbows, knees and the backs of feet.

This provides the perfect base for your glowy uplift. 

However, don’t moisturise, deodorize or perfume yourself on the day itself, as this could result in difficulty applying the colour! 

5. Wear loose clothing

This one is probably obvious, but sometimes comes in handy to remember. Wear dark, loose clothing to avoid ruining that bright summer dress or your car seat on the way home! 

Cotton or jersey are good fabric choices that clean well afterwards and don’t cling to your skin. It helps to remember that this applies to your underwear too!

Bonus tips:

  • Worried about no deodorant? Apply a little baby powder to sweat-prone areas 
  • Flip flops make a great tanning-day shoe choice
  • Apply polish to your nails to prevent them being coloured
  • Take a few hair ties to keep your hair out the way
  • When showering, use cooler water and avoid oil-based skincare products
  • Try to shave/wax/exfoliate as little as possible to maintain your colour 
  • Don’t panic if residue colour comes off in the shower, this is just the top layer loosening to reveal the true shade

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