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How to become a certified makeup artist

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There is so much information about becoming a makeup artist, that it can become a little overwhelming right? Getting certified in makeup artistry can begin to feel like a maze. If you have always dreamed of turning your skills into a professional career, you might be asking yourself “Where do I even start?” Well, look no further! 

This guide has everything you need to know about what it takes to become a certified makeup artist in New Zealand. We’ll cover the key principles of training, the beauty courses online to consider and what your career options are after you’ve completed your training. We will also discuss how much money you can make as a professional makeup artist and what kind of clients you can expect to work with. 

So are you ready? Read on to find out more about our tips on how to become a Certified Makeup Artist today!

What does a makeup artist do?

Makeup artists respond to a client’s brief or inspiration to create the desired effect or look through makeup. Whether that’s a runway lineup, a celebrity red carpet look, a client’s wedding or actors on a film set; the flawless faces and creative flourishes that we see on television, in films or at a big event. This is the work undertaken by talented make-up artists. 

What skills do makeup artists need?

Most makeup artists have a mix of innate skills that make them perfect for the role. As a service-based sector, effective communication skills can be a bonus when working with clients. Originality, creativity and imagination can help to create showstopping looks that start new trends. Through training, you will acquire knowledge about make-up techniques and products that takes your natural skillset to the next level. 

Does that sound like cloud 9? If so, your next step is to complete a Certificate in Makeup Artistry

All the best makeup artists will have completed a certificate or gained a qualification in this field, as it shows you’ve put in the hours of practice and gained the experience required to create flawless looks with technical accuracy. 

Our Makeup Artistry Course is developed by industry professionals, for the next generation of artists (that’s you!)  With our certification, you learn all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to build a killer career. Confidently creating fresh looks for formal occasions or fierce creations for the big screen. 

You might wonder – taking a beauty course online, why? The simple answer is because we believe beauty courses should be accessible, affordable and as creative as possible. Study online, and you are free to practice as often as you like, whenever it suits your lifestyle. 24-hour access to these short courses online means you can hone your skills to perfection, without breaking the bank. With tutor support available whenever you need it!

Plus, your payment plan includes a custom-designed kit delivered straight to your door. So you are ready to hit the ground running. Perfect for anyone who wants to master all these essential skills quickly and affordably, whilst learning from the best of the best.

Once you are certified, it’s time to choose your path. 

Do you want to specialise in bridal makeup? Would you prefer to work with models within the fashion industry? Or perhaps you’d prefer to pursue a career in makeup for TV and film? Do some research and experiment during your training, to work out what looks excite you the most and where your passion lies. 

Build your portfolio

Creating a portfolio of your best work is one of the most important steps to kick off your career. It’s a way to showcase your skills and styles to prospective clients.

You can easily set up an online portfolio for free on Instagram or Facebook. Recruit some friends and family to model for your projects. Be sure you show off a variety of looks, to illuminate your talent. 

Top tip: aim to capture your target demographic in your portfolio. For example, if you want to specialise in bridal makeup include models who are between 20 – 50 years of age, and showcase both subtle minimalist makeup looks & more sophisticated but bold styles too.

Find work in the industry

Find work in the industry by networking, applying for jobs, or starting your own salon. 

There’s plenty of different paths for progression within makeup artistry. Some might choose to start out working freelance before setting up their own full-time business, while others might choose to join an agency or established business.

Freelancing gives you some flexibility with choosing what hours you work, where you work, who you work with, and allows you to hone your skills in the industry at your own pace. But if you’d prefer to receive professional support as you develop your abilities, apply for some entry-level jobs at salons or agencies and see what working styles appeal most to you.

Just remember, persistence is one of the most important traits when looking at becoming a certified makeup artist. If one path doesn’t work for you, there’s nothing holding you back from trying another. Keep trying, applying and keep updating your portfolio! 

What will you earn?

A certified makeup artist’s earnings can vary depending on the hours you choose to work and on your niche area. 

As a rough guide, junior make-up artists can expect to earn between $15 and $30 an hour, with experienced makeup artists charging a minimum of $70 per hour. Senior freelance make-up artists can earn $150 an hour or more. 

Becoming a certified makeup artist is an excellent way to pursue your passion for the beauty industry and live a vibrant, creative lifestyle. There’s never a dull day when you’ve got your brushes in tow! 

So, what will your next step be?

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