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The 7 Secrets of flawless eyelash extensions


Who wouldn’t love lashes that look great from morning till night?

Then say hello eyelash extensions (and a gleeful goodbye to mascara clumps, panda eyes and a lengthy cleansing routine at the end of the day!) 

Eyelash extensions make lashes look fuller and longer in a totally natural way, they last for up to eight weeks, and they’re a beauty treatment quickly growing in popularity. 

But we know that they’re not always the easiest product to work with…  So here’s how to get flawless eyelash extensions every. single. time. 

Look at the face

When it comes to eyelash extensions, it’s not a one size fits all scenario. Everyone has different eyes and a different face shape. 

When picking lash extensions, you need to take facial features into account. A good technician will be able to advise on the right lash look for a particular client, finding styles to really make the eyes pop.

Know the lash extension options

There are lots of different eyelash extension types. 

Some are longer. Some are shorter. The best technicians use a mixture of different lengths to give eyelash extensions natural, wispy beauty. 

Extensions come in a range of different materials. The most popular are silk and faux mink. Silk is bolder and shinier. Mink is fluttery and natural-looking. 

There’s also the style of curl to consider. Curl intensity ranges from C (the most dramatic curl) to J (the most subtle curl). 

Which combination of lash features you choose will depend upon the desired look and what the natural lashes are like too. Extensions that are too long or thick for the natural lashes will cause unwanted breakages (and who wants that?!)

No water

Just like the witch in the Wizard of Oz, eyelash adhesive will melt away if it comes into contact with water, for the first 24 hours following application, at least. 

It’s really important that lashes are kept dry – away from water, steam and sweat – to allow time for the glue to set properly. 

The right products 

Both the technician and client need to select the right products, if they’re going to achieve a flawless set of eyelash extensions. 

Extension adhesives containing formaldehyde are a huge no-no. They can cause skin irritation that will leave lashes looking far from perfect. A medically approved, formaldehyde-free glue is essential. 

Equally, back at home, clients should avoid rich, oily moisturisers and oil-based makeup remover. Cream-based eye products are resigned to the bottom of the makeup bag too. They often contain oils and waxes that loosen the lash glue.

No mascara

Applying mascara to faux lashes can leave them looking clumpy and damaged. Luckily, for most of their life cycle, eyelash extensions completely remove the need for mascara.

However, anyone who’s had their extensions for six to eight weeks will probably find that they’re past their best. For those due a fresh set of eyelash extensions within a couple of days, applying mascara won’t pose too much of a problem.


Eyelash extensions take some serious looking after if you want to enjoy the luscious lash look for as long as possible. 

This means using an eyelash brush – also known as a spoolie – to gently comb the lashes each morning, evening and after showering. A delicate brushing will help to fluff lashes out if they clump together. 

A good aftercare regime also involves touching lashes as infrequently as possible. Being gentle with the lashes when washing the face or removing makeup. And absolutely, 100% resisting the temptation to pick at them when they start to come off. 

Any abrasion will loosen the glue and increase the risk of pulling natural lashes out along with extensions. 

A regular refresh

We regularly lose eyelashes, just like we lose hairs from our head. It’s estimated that we lose somewhere between one and four eyelashes every day. 

When an eyelash falls out, so does the extension. In order to maintain a flawless set of long, luscious lashes, clients should return for fill-ins every couple of weeks.

The most important secret of flawless eyelash extensions? A technician who knows exactly what they’re doing.  

If you’re interested in mastering this beauty therapy skill, check out the Advanced Eyelash Extensions course at New Zealand Beauty School. Our online course will have you applying lashes like a pro in no time!

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