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The top five fierce drag queen looks

Drag queen with big red hair

Drag Queens are some of the fiercest, boldest and most beautiful artists of the 21st Century. With shows such as Ru Paul’s Drag Race putting the art of drag at the epicentre of modern culture, it has become recognised as a form of creative expression all its own.

From the bright and eccentric to the dazzlingly beautiful and intricately theatric, drag artists create their own unique vibe and look to wow the crowd and ensure that shantay they SLAY!

Drag goes as far back as Shakespearean times when only men were allowed to perform on stage and would therefore adorn themselves in dresses and makeup in order to portray the female characters in Shakespeare’s famous writings. From then on, drag gained traction as a performance style, gaining popularity in vaudeville settings with queens forming their own sense of style and building up bases of fans who followed their fashion triumphs. 

Drag really took off in 1970s New York, where the drag ball scene became a safe, creative community for drag queens and the LGBTQ+ community to come together and express themselves.

The 21st Century drag scene is a bright, shining beacon at the centre of modern culture, promoting inclusivity and a world in which anyone can be who they want to be, beautifully and authentically.

In this blog, we will be taking you through five of the most fierce and famous drag queens to grace the scene in the past few years and will be examining some of their most gorgeous and outrageous looks that got them to the top of their game.

In no particular order, we present your queens…

Bob the Drag Queen 

Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season eight, Bob got herself to the top through her use of bold colour and striking silhouettes. Her looks can almost be described through comic strip exclamations…POW! CRASH! ZING! 

In her winning season, she sported some incredible looks, everything from an elegant sheer gown and regal Afro hairstyle in the Movie Premiere Realness category, a haunting clown ensemble in the Black and White Realness Category, and a bold, preppy poodle-emblazoned dress in her promo shots.

Violet Chachki 

Winner of season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Violet’s looks all have a touch of vamp glamour. Think…Dita Von Teese with an extra dash of danger. 

A bold red lip, stockings and lingerie, as well as shapely tartan numbers and purple organza gowns are the order of the day with Miss Chachki. This is a drag queen who knows herself and her style to a T.

Trixie Mattel 

RuPaul season seven contestant and winner of All Stars 3, Trixie Mattel’s iconic eye make-up and Barbie-like aesthetic has made her a household name. With bright and pastel tones, along with a recognisable 60s style, Trixie looks are as perfect as doll clothes. 

Trixie’s most iconic look has to be her bold eye makeup, with a large triangle of white highlight and extensively fanned lashes, giving the look an interesting geometric vibe. Miss Mattel has become a pop culture drag icon.

Sasha Velour 

Any drag fanatic will remember Sasha Velour’s astonishing victory in season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, adorned in a flame-coloured gown where she gradually removed her gloves and glamorous wig to reveal torrents of red rose petals, which scattered around her and brought the house down. 

Known for her quirky, off-the-wall and intricately designed pieces – pop art dresses and cartoon crowns, elegant, glamorous lines and gowns that would not look out of place in an Elizabethan royal court – her air of elegance and poise is unmatched.


The queen of drag herself! Possibly the world’s most famous drag queen, RuPaul has truly become THE face of drag. The elegant Hollywood-glamour gown and gravity-defying blonde wig is unmistakable.

RuPaul is like the Beyoncé of the drag scene.

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