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Top 5 beauty treatments of 2021

facialist applying a derma roller to a woman's face

In recent years, we’ve seen the beauty industry expand, evolve and advance. Along with innovative skincare routines and new trends, beauty treatments have seen their fair share of transformation as well. Going from once-simple face masks to more complex and tailored procedures, the beauty world doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. And so, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 beauty treatments of 2021 and the newest trend you may want to try out this year. 


Let’s begin by discussing one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021 that has taken the industry by storm. If you’ve been looking for cost-efficient ways to get spa treatments at home – then look no further. Dermarolling may be the beauty treatment you have been searching for. 

Known as DIY Microneedling, Dermarolling is an at-home treatment option that can substitute expensive spa facial procedures. Designed to energise the skin cells and stimulate a youthful glow, this DIY microneedling has gained massive recognition and admiration in the industry. And here is how Dermarolling is redefining skincare treatments, one tiny needle at a time. 

The unique process of Dermarolling works by creating small and microscopic wounds and tears on the surface of the skin. By inducing a low level of trauma, tiny needles promote the skin’s healing process, skin cell regeneration and collagen and elastin production. Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, because the Derma Roller is here to save the day! According to licensed esthetician and the founder of Glowmode Skincare, Tiffany Markarian, here is the science behind Dermarolling, and why this beauty treatment has become so popular. 

“So, there’s the dermaroller—the manual device—and then there’s microneedling, which is the basic technique. The common size for a dermaroller is 0.25 and what those needles do is make a little microchannel into the skin so the product or serum will penetrate deeper into the skin. What’s also happening is, in that little controlled wound that we made with that little teeny needle, it triggers ATP, which helps energize the cells and gets everything moving faster. The deeper the needle depth, the better it is for scarring”

Tiffany Markarian

And so, if you are feeling adventurous and can handle microscopic needles, then why not give Dermarolling a try?

Eyebrow Lamination 

For a more painless procedure, let’s talk about the viral beauty treatment known as Eyebrow Lamination. Are you tired of filling in your eyebrows every day before leaving the house? Do you just want to wake up with full and smooth brows? Then the semi-permanent Eyebrow Lamination treatment may be perfect for you. 

Making waves in recent years, this beauty trend has become a go-to procedure for most. Eyebrow Lamination eliminates the need for overplucking or overwaxing by providing a simple solution. By fixing the eyebrow hairs in place and creating a smooth and uniform finish, this beauty treatment takes care of unruly and bushy brows. Not only are the brows sealed and ready to go, but the overall silky finish creates a unique appearance. That is why so many have been captivated and won-over by this beauty treatment.

Do you want to learn more about Eyebrow Lamination? Then join our Eyebrow Lamination beauty courses online and master this popular 2021 beauty trend and treatment! With video tutorials and text-based learning material, our online courses teach a step-by-step approach to eyebrow lamination. Not only will you be instructed by industry professionals and experts, but our custom-designed kit will also help you transform your theoretical knowledge into practical skill! 

LED Light Mask

You may have heard of face masks. But have you ever come across the fairly new beauty trend known as LED Light Mask treatment? 

This futuristic and ultra-modern beauty procedure is one designed to combat acne and reduce skin scars. By emitting varying light wavelengths, the LED Light Mask stimulates collagen and elastin production and distribution. Along with promoting blood circulation, the blue light found in the mask kills acne-causing bacteria. As explained by Dennis Gross, a New York City-based Dermatologist, here is how the LED Light Mask works in the skin’s favour:

“Blue light is known to kill bacteria on the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, which is why it’s often used to treat acne. The red light, a longer wavelength, goes deeper into the skin and reduces inflammation”

Dennis Gross

That is why this non-invasive beauty trend is set to become a popular treatment in 2021. Even all the Hollywood stars and celebrities are hooked on the LED Light Mask trend!

Eyelash Extensions

Not too far off the gorgeous eyebrow lamination trends, Eyelash Extensions have also made it onto our list. Yes, while mascara does wonders for our natural lashes, there’s no denying that Eyelash Extensions take things to the next level. Ranging from ultra-fine and thin lashes to more dense and bold finishes, Eyelash Extensions have become infamous thanks to their diversity and versatility. You could even say there’s a lash extension for everyone! 

If you are seeking to step up your lash game with more natural and simple extensions, then we suggest the popular Russian Lashes. For daredevils who wish to make statements with their stunningly fuller lashes – then Classic or Volume Lashes may be the better option. 

But for those who want to learn and discover more about this 2021 beauty treatment – then we highly suggest joining our Eyelash Extension beauty course. By following our unique training modules and video tutorials, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Eyelash Extensions and the expertise behind the treatment. And let’s not forget our custom-designed kits that are sent straight to your doorstep. Do you want to experiment with lashes and beauty tools while you study online? Then join one of the most exciting online learning courses New Zealand has to offer. 

Massage Face Rollers

And last but not least, let’s take a look at one of the most popular and trendy beauty treatments of 2021. Massage Face Rollers have taken over social media platforms and the beauty industry as we know it. The non-invasive rejuvenating procedure has gained massive traction as millions across the globe have experienced amazing benefits and results, with simple application methods. Whether these beauty badgers are made from jade or quartz, Massage Face Rollers are undeniable stars of the skincare world. And here’s why. 

Face Rollers stimulate blood circulation all across the face, in turn creating a more youthful glow and radiance. Along with improving lymphatic drainage and decreasing puffiness, Massage Face Rollers also help with clearing stuffy sinuses. It only takes around 10 to 15 minutes each day to see notable results and discover the benefits of these jade and quartz rollers. And with these beauty treatments ranging from all different colours to varying shapes and forms, we can’t help but get excited about our Massage Face Roller journey. But what about you?

Are you excited to try out some of these popular 2021 beauty treatments and trends? Join our beauty courses now and master the arts of Eyebrow Lamination and Eyelash Extensions today!

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