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How to apply henna to your eyebrows

henna being added to eyebrows

Let’s take a wild guess and say you are somewhat tired of having to do and fill in your eyebrows every single day. I mean, it was fun at first, but now all you want is to wake up and have your brows set and ready to go. If you can relate to this – then you’re not alone…  Let us introduce you to the art of Eyebrow Henna, and the semi-permanent solution for your unruly brows. And while we’re at it, let’s take a look at how to apply Henna to your eyebrows, and the steps you can take to master this popular and exciting new beauty trend. 

But before we jump into the specific tips and tricks, let’s discuss what Eyebrow Henna is, why the beauty technique has become so popular, and what the main difference is between Eyebrow Henna and Eyebrow Tint. 

What is Eyebrow Henna

As full and bushy eyebrows have become a staple look in the beauty world, everyone is looking for simple ways to jazz up their gorgeous brows. And that’s where the semi-permanent Eyebrow Henna treatment comes into play. In recent decades, this beauty style has taken over the makeup industry by storm, and here’s why. 

When it comes to creating fuller, smoother and more-defined brows, Eyebrow Henna is one of the ways you can achieve that desired look. Henna is a vegan dye, which is 100% plant-derived. Without any chemicals or added preservatives, Henna is an all-natural solution to your unruly brows. Along with being gentle for the skin, Eyebrow Henna is one of the fastest and long-lasting beauty procedures you can do today. 

Similar to Eyebrow Tint, Henna also casts a darker shade to the brows, but with a different technique at hand. Instead of simply colouring the brow hairs, Henna actually stains the skin behind the eyebrows. By casting a shadow, Henna creates the illusion of depth, which leaves your brows looking fuller and denser. 

How to apply henna

Now, let’s dive into how you can begin your Eyebrow Henna journey and how to grasp the basic techniques of Henna application. 

  1. Start by wiping any excess makeup off your eyebrows, and choosing the right Henna shade for the hair.
  2. Next, take some petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, and apply the paste around your eyebrows and on the skin closest to the hairs. This way, the Henna won’t stain the surrounding skin.
  3. After that, grab your Henna, and begin applying the mixture using a mascara wand. Slowly, yet surely, you’ll cover all the skin underneath the brows.
  4. Once the eyebrows are fully covered – wait around 20 to 30 minutes before removing the Henna altogether. Remember, the longer the dye sits on the skin, the darker it will stain.
  5. And you’re all done! As Eyebrow Henna can last anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks, you can start your mornings with your eyebrows all glammed up and ready to go.

As you see, the art and the beauty technique of Eyebrow Henna can be effortless yet effective. While these steps can be easily followed and completed, there is one way you can amp up your Henna game and expertise. 

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and your practical skills by mastering the art of Eyebrow Henna, then we highly suggest joining our Eyebrow Henna beauty course online. Along with text-based study materials and comprehensive video tutorials, you’ll learn everything there is to know about perfecting this beautiful skill at your own pace, in your space. 

From choosing the perfect shade to correctly shaping the brows, our beauty courses provide some of the best tips and tricks of the makeup industry. And thanks to our professional makeup artists and experts in the field, you’ll be equipped with in-depth knowledge of the beauty trend.

But that’s not all! Because along with video tutorials and tutoring from professional MUAs, our beauty courses offer custom-designed kits that will be delivered straight to your door! Packed with hard wax, eyebrow spatulas, colour tins and tweezers, you’ll have everything you need for the picture-perfect brows. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join our beauty courses now and perfect the art of Eyebrow Henna today!

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