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Top 5 beauty trends of 2023

Natural make up beauty trend

Since coming out the other side of the pandemic madness of the past three years, we have witnessed trends come and go, with social media platforms remaining one of the best sources of beauty inspiration – even post-Covid.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hoards of trends that have made their way to our magazines and screens in the past few years and don’t know which to choose first, never fear – we’ve got you covered.

With new treatments and experiences being constantly innovated and practised, we wanted to put together a little guide to some of the top beauty trends of 2023. Not only that, we will also take you through some of our most relevant beauty courses online to help you get started in your beauty career.

So, without further ado, here’s our take on the 5 best beauty trends 2023.

1. ‘Clean’ makeup

2023 has become the year of the ‘clean’ girl – dewy minimalist makeup looks which are perfect for everyday wear. Daily beauty has become faster, more functional, and more focused.

With an increased desire to have that ‘roll-out-of-bed-ready’ feeling, treatments that offer long-lasting effects and low maintenance impact are hot in 2023.

Skincare/makeup hybrids are taking advantage of this desire, as are salons that offer semi-permanent fixes to daily chores and layers of makeup – like taming unruly brows and wrestling with a mascara wand. Our UK neighbours over at Glamour highlight some of the best summer makeup trends that fall into the minimalist genre. 

There’s never been a better time to invest in beauty courses that specialise in offering easy, breezy daily beauty – like the Lash Lift and Tint Certificate. This skilled procedure applies a subtle perm and dye to natural lashes – leaving them looking curlier, fuller, and flutter-worthy for weeks at a time. This online beauty course equips you with a comprehensive understanding of hair structure and anatomy, the power to lift lashes perfectly every time, and the skills to design looks attuned to different eye shapes. 

To top it off, one of the hottest treatments that has continued to rise in popularity throughout 2023 is brow lamination, offering a slick, high shine smoothness, with seriously good definition. Offer your clients the opportunity to rock natural-looking fluffy brows every day & learn how to create a full, thick, feathery finish that lasts, with one of our online courses in Eyebrow Lamination.

With these low maintenance and long-term solutions, you’ll be equipped to create the everyday elegance and effortless looks your clients will be coming back for time and again.

2. Natural eyes

Continuing with the clean and minimal makeup style that has become all the rage in 2023, natural wispy lashes that don’t require several layers of mascara have become the ‘in’ thing.

Whether it’s a brunch date, hot-girl walk or heading into the office for a day of hustle, having low maintenance lashes will have you feeling like you’ve truly got yourself together.

Learn to master the magic of Lash Extensions is a must for 2023. Our certificate will equip you with both the theoretical and practical expertise to expertly add extensions to a client’s eye shape. Create Instagram-worthy eyes that pop no matter what! Every element of our online Eyelash Extension Course has been created by industry professionals, to ensure you can provide your clients with the lashes they have always dreamed of!
But to complete the 2023 upper half must-haves, your clients will want killer brows too. So brush up on your shaping and styling skills with a certificate in the staple Eyebrow Wax & Tint. This course is the ideal refresher and essential stepping stone to connect with happy customers. Overdrawn brows will be a thing of the past, as you use your new expertise to frame those all-important peepers.

3. Makeup rebellion

With minimalism at one end of the spectrum, maximum impact makeup has also boomed during 2023. As the doors of self expression continue to open and expand, the stage is set for a makeup trends 2023 rebellion. The floor is open to a new wave of creative makeup styling that’s already starting to show its true colours. Zesty blues, deep russet, glitter, crystals and slick liners. Think 80’s pop meets futuristic femme fatale. 

Beauty lovers and industry experts everywhere will be rebelling against comfort and security, ready to push their boundaries and invest in exploring new territory. 

Ready to unleash them into the world? Want to train on one of the more comprehensive online learning courses in New Zealand? 

Stay on top of your skills and show your clients limitless possibilities with a Certificate in Professional Makeup Artistry. Developed by exciting industry professionals, this creative online makeup course will teach you to innovate and expand your makeup knowledge. You’ll learn how to confidently create fresh and fierce looks for reunions, formal occasions, weddings, fashion and the entertainment industry. Ready to rise to the challenge of a new era of makeup. 
Still want more? Our American neighbours over at Harpers Bazaar give a full rundown of more 2023 makeup trends that take the cake.

4. Staying power 

As we start to work on reducing our daily makeup routine for minimal effort maximum results, the beauty industry has seen a demand for products with staying power. Looks and services that can withstand the busy commute, the lunchtime meeting and the after-work drinks. Beauty that will stay throughout the day without smudging or creasing – we want the healthy glow to last all night long!

Enter the secret weapons of staying power: Henna and Spray Tans. 

A great beauty therapist knows the power of an expertly applied spray tan. A healthy glow that’s a subtle masterpiece in 2023’s minimalist world. Where tiny details make all the difference. Learn how to master the art of the glow, with our advanced Spray Tanning Course. Each lesson is curated by our industry professionals, teaching you the expertise for bespoke tanning services. So your clients won’t know what they did before they met you!
Eyebrow Henna is fast becoming a staple for the busy professional too. This all-natural and non-invasive treatment works on even the most sensitive of skin, creating defined and natural-looking brows that can handle anything. Our online certificate will equip you with the professional skills to effortlessly structure, shape and correct even the trickiest of brows into faithful beauty favourites.

5. Self-care

Self care has become the ultimate practice for 2023 and beyond. After a rough couple of years we have all realised the importance of taking time for ourselves, reframing and being kinder to ourselves than ever before. Never have we needed self-care more in this fast-paced modern world, which is why this is one of our favourite beauty trends of the year.

With modern hustle culture sometimes making us feel rushed off our feet and unworthy of down-time, people are looking for indulgent experiences that help to buffer away from the stresses of the daily grind. After long hours spent slaying the day, many are desperately seeking a grounding and relaxing approach to feeling good. 

Giving your clients the best experience is about having the top-notch skills to let them relax deeply, knowing they are in the hands of a professional. Our beauty courses are designed to equip you with a deep and intricate knowledge of your practice, so you can offer a 360-degree approach to client satisfaction, personalising and prioritising their treatment for their wellbeing.

Study online with us today and learn how to recreate some of the best beauty trends of 2023.

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