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Top tools for brows: What every pro brow tech needs

Brow tech shaping brows

An artist needs the right tools, and the same rules apply for brow tech pros. For all aspiring brow techs out there, making sure you have all the best tools for brows is a vital step in your journey to success.

We are going to take you through the essential brow equipment you will need to start shaping the future you have always dreamed of. With everything from eyebrow threading equipment, precision tools, to the best eyebrow kit for beginners; we’ve got you covered!

First things first: why are eyebrows important?

If you are planning on dedicating your working life to the care and maintenance of eyebrows, it is important to know why our brows are worth it.

The number one job of eyebrows is to protect our eyes. Eyes are extremely delicate and sensitive, and our brows form a barrier to stop foreign liquids such as rain and sweat from getting in. The liquid reaches the brows and is then syphoned off to the side and away from the eyes. Our brows also help minimise the amount of dirt or grit that gets into our eyes, as well as shielding them from light, our own mini built-in sun parasol.

And eyebrows play an important part aesthetically too! They can completely change our look depending on how they frame our face – thickness, length, shape and colour all being major factors in constructing the dream brows – and becoming a professional eyebrow technician is an extremely high-demand job in the modern beauty industry.

What are our eyebrows for infographic

What equipment will I need to start a brow and eyelash extension business?

Now, to achieve top quality brow looks, you are going to need some top quality kit.

Let’s take a look at the best tools for eyebrow technicians, what they are and how to use them:


Many of us will have spent many hours in front of the bathroom mirror trying to tweeze our brows into the perfect shape, but this is a powerful tool in the hands of a professional. 

Tweezers are an excellent way to gradually and precisely remove hairs to reach the desired brow shape. 

Brow techs must know the proper tweezing techniques to ensure brow health and regrowth, whilst also getting rid of nuisance hairs that may be affecting the finished look.

Spoolies and brushes

Another essential for any budding brow tech is a good collection of brow brushes and spoolies. These are great for general grooming and shaping, as well as ensuring even distribution of tinting and conditioning products. 

By brushing the brow hairs, a tech can get a clearer view of a client’s natural brow shape, allowing them to see what needs to be done to achieve a more defined brow look, whether this be cutting, tweezing or a more detailed approach such as threading, micro blading or eyebrow henna.

Pencils, powders and pomades

A brow tech’s best friends – these are often the stars of the show. Coming in a wide range of colours and textures to suit all brow types, investing in various brow pencils, powders and pomades will always be a worthwhile expense for your business.

Brows come in all shapes and sizes, in different thicknesses and hair textures, and so equipping yourself with a good range of products will cover all the bases. Offering your client options when it comes to their brow definition products will allow you to a wider range of brow needs.

Conditioners and gels

Brow hair is often naturally quite coarse, making it harder to control, with stray hairs and uneven shaping more likely. Brow treatments should include brow conditioning products, such as gels and oils, to help care for and maintain the hair health and softness. 

Aftercare products

Something that many of us overlook, aftercare is actually one of the most important steps in brow care and maintenance. The skin beneath and around the brows is particularly sensitive, and so ensuring that any irritation is minimised with soothing aftercare products can help reduce discomfort after a treatment. 

Eyebrow equipment you need infographic

The job of an eyebrow technician

At its root, the job of an eyebrow technician is to tend to a client’s brows, offering services such as shaping, tinting and waxing to help the client achieve their desired look. 

An eyebrow technician should have extensive knowledge of hair structure and colour palettes, as well as which shape brows suit which faces – how can your brow look best compliment your face shape and features?

It is also important to be aware that the job of an eyebrow technician goes beyond that of physical treatment. Creating a safe, inviting space and friendly atmosphere will let your client know that they are in good hands, making the overall experience more relaxing and enjoyable for therapist and client alike. 

Beauty therapies are a chance for people to relax and indulge in some self-care, letting the worries of the outside world fall away for a bit and focusing solely on their wellbeing.

Become an eyebrow technician with New Zealand Beauty School

The best way to become a professional eyebrow technician is to enrol yourself on an eyebrow technician course, to equip you with the best tools to boost brow game. 

Whether you are interested in an eyebrow waxing course, lamination, henna, or eyebrow shaping course, completing a brow tech training will set you up to succeed in the professional industry.

Perhaps you want an all round knowledge of treatments or are more interested in specific techniques such as lamination? Here at New Zealand Beauty School we are sure to have an eyebrow course to suit your interests. Our brow courses include:

  • Certificate in Eyebrow Henna – using brow henna you will aid your clients in achieving defined brows that give a similar look to micro blading but without needles. You will learn about different henna products and colour-matching, as well as eyebrow mapping and hair structure, giving you all the tools you will need to deliver professional services.
  • Certificate in Eyebrow Lamination – lamination is one of the newest and most popular brown treatments on the market, giving a natural feathered look to brows that lasts! You will learn how to apply lamination treatments, information about hair structure and brow shaping, as well as knowledge in product types, aftercare and covering yourself legally in key circumstances.

All of our eyebrow courses come with a professionally curated custom beauty kit that will be delivered straight to your door, containing everything you will need to get you started on your voyage of eyebrow discovery. Each course comes with a downloadable brochure with further details on course content, modules and assessments, accessing your learning online and tutor support during your training. 

Kickstart your dreams with New Zealand Beauty School.

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