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What every nail tech needs in their bag

Nail tech holding nail product

Nail techs are a bit like beauty wizards: they have a wealth of knowledge about all things nail care, they are equipped with and skilled at using a multitude of gizmos, gadgets, lotions and potions to achieve beautiful results, and they bring colour and sparkle to the hands of whoever crosses their path. That sure sounds like magic to us!

But like any good wizard, they must be prepared for every occasion, with tricks and tools up their sleeve to face every new beauty adventure.

So, what does every nail tech need in their bag? We’re very glad you asked!

The job of a nail tech

Nail technicians are skilled individuals who tend to the care, maintenance and aesthetic needs of nails. With treatments and trends forever expanding and changing, it is vital for a nail tech to stay on top of the latest nail styles, ensuring that they can provide the ultimate satisfaction for their customers. 

Not only that, a nail tech must have extensive knowledge of nail and hand health to best advise and assist clients with their various needs or requirements.

Every nail tech needs

What every nail tech needs in their bag

The perfect list to start you off when filling your beauty cauldron with supplies:

The practical

  • Natural nail care – We use our hands constantly in everyday life, with tasks and temperatures all having an effect on the health of our hands and nails. Clients will come from all different career backgrounds, some heavier on the hands than others, and will have various sensitivities that may affect the state of their hands and nails. 

    As a nail tech, it is your job to have some magic up your sleeve to soothe and calm hard-working hands and less-than-nourished nails. Ensuring that you are always well stocked up on nourishing hand creams, as well as nail and cuticle oils and lotions, will ensure that you start from a solid, healthy foundation from which you can build fun and exciting nail art creations. 
  • The basics – The foundational must-haves for any nail technician: good lighting, towels and comfortable raised stations for clients to rest their hands on, cotton wool and pads, orangewood sticks, nail clippers, nail files and buffers, polish remover, cuticle nippers and tools, soothing creams and oils for both hands and nails. And last but not least, an assortment of polish choices to suit every client’s tastes.
  • Stepping it up a notch – Now, if you want to step it up from traditional polish, which seems likely with the range of exciting new nail treatments now on offer, a few extra things will complete your kit. Gels and acrylics are the most popular treatments at the moment, so it is important to have all the right equipment in order to deliver these styles for your clients. 

    If you are new to the world of gels and false nail extensions, then looking into a nail extension starter kit and gel tips starter kits will give you everything you need to get started mastering these styles. They include tools such as nail lamps, shaping and application tools, and the best polishes and adhesives for perfect nails every time. 

    Once you get to grips with the basic techniques of nail application, you will find your feet and can find which ways of doing things have the best and safest results for both your client and you. Before you know it, you will be creating beautiful acrylics and gel nail extensions wherever you go!
Essential basics

The knowledge and know-how

  • Nail care and health – Our nails are like our own personal traffic lights and can tell us whether we are deficient in certain nutrients or if something is internally amiss. As a nail tech, you must impart vital nail care knowledge to your clients to ensure they are aware of the signs of deteriorating nail health. 

    Knowing the signs of damaged or unhealthy nails, as well as signs of nutrient deficits, infections or other health issues reflected through the nail state, will help you to know the best course of action – as well as any precautions or advice to give – to take when dealing with a client’s nails. A nail tech must also have excellent knowledge of skincare and be aware of any sensitivities or allergies their client may have so they know which products or treatments to avoid.
  • Tools and tricks – An artist must know their tools, and a nail tech is no different. Understanding the best and most effective tools to use for nail and cuticle care is super important to ensure expert and efficient execution of treatments and services. As you develop your craft, you will find that different things work best for you and allow you to achieve the best results for your clients.
  • The latest trends and styles – A nail tech needs to be up to date with the latest nail styles and treatments on the market, so they can offer them to clients who may have more specific visions about how they want their nails to look. 

    Many people are looking for nail longevity and treatments that will leave them with beautiful nails for longer. So, as a nail tech, being aware of the best and most effective treatments to achieve this is super beneficial. You want to be able to offer options to your clients so that they can make the most informed decision about the service they want.

The vibe

While the practical tools, tricks, and equipment are all vital, the thing that will truly set you apart from other nail businesses and keep customers coming back to YOU is the vibe and attitude you offer to your clients and about your business.

Creating a welcoming, safe space where clients can feel comfortable sharing their needs or insecurities – without fear of shame or judgement – is one of the most valuable services a nail tech can offer.

A kind, encouraging manner and friendly atmosphere is the key to client happiness.

Ready to cast some nail art magic?

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