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What is a Nano Mister used for and are they worth it?

Close up of an eyelash extension

With the rise of new and exciting beauty treatments, gear and gadgets have had to keep up! There are now more ways than ever to achieve beautiful and secure results during beauty treatments, and one such wonder-way is through the use of a Nano Mister in New Zealand.

It almost sounds like something from a spy movie, right? Well, allow us to shed some light on what a Nano Mister is and what it’s used for…

What is a Nano Mister, and what is it used for?

Putting it simply, a Nano Mister is a piece of handheld spray equipment that emits a water droplet mist when activated and is used to cure (dry) eyelash extension adhesive to ensure an efficient and secure hold in the end result. 

Why do this? Because the water allows the natural lashes to more easily absorb the adhesive, making for a firmer hold and perfect lashes for longer.

Not only are they used to keep fake lashes lasting longer, but a Nano Mister spray is also a cool and refreshing way to hydrate your client’s skin and lashes throughout the treatment process. This is because the use of just water helps to minimise the use of harsh or irritant chemicals around the sensitive eye area. 

Our UK neighbours at Optical Express give some further insight into the care and maintenance of the skin around our eyes and why it might need a little more TLC. Check it out!

What is a nano mister

Nano Mister benefits

There are several notable benefits to using a Nano Mister, including:

  • Luscious lashes for longer (Nano Mister vs bonder) – one of the main reasons why Nano Misters have become so popular is because they are an excellent, multi-purpose way of naturally setting eyelash extensions without using too many chemicals on the sensitive eye area
  • Skin and eyelash hydration – the mist hydrates and plumps skin, as well as keeping the actual eyelashes hydrated and supple. Hydration is always important!
  • Reduces wrinkles – it has been found that using a Nano Mister on the skin can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Gorgeous!
  • Makeup primer and setter – a fresh and natural way to help create a perfectly primed base for your makeup, and then another quick mist to set your look in place for the day
  • A quick refresher throughout the day – face mists have become particularly popular with beauty enthusiasts, with ingredients such as rose water and tea tree becoming firm favourites of the beauty industry. But why not go back to basics? Nature has provided us with the number one hydrating product on the plant – good old H2O! Misting a light spray of water via a Nano Mister over your face every few hours can keep you feeling fresh and alert
  • Hair hack – not only is a Nano Mister great for lashes and skin, but it has also shown promise as a helping hand for hair, making it feel softer
  • Nano Mister for sanitising – there are also Nano Misters on the market especially for sanitising products, making keeping your beauty equipment clean a little bit easier.
Benefits of a nano mister

Are Nano Misters worth it?

We would say that Nano Misters are absolutely worth it as a multi-use and natural way of aiding hydration and treatment satisfaction.

As you progress in your beauty training, you will get to know how you like to work in your own beauty business. Including which tools and products offer the best and safest results and how to communicate openly with your client so that both parties feel comfortable and confident with the treatment processes taking place.


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