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What is brow lamination

eyebrow lamination

Microblading…who is she? We’re all about the new kid that has emerged on the block and her name is Brow Lamination

But first thing’s first, what is brow lamination? Well, lamination is the temporary, natural looking fix you need for fuller looking brows. As a semi-permanent alternative to microblading, lamination gives that filled in brow effect without tattooing or adding volume by using a brow pencil. 

With microblading, a therapist strokes semi permanent dye to fill in the brows. In contrast, lamination opens up the eye by lifting your natural brow hairs to give a feathered, brow lift effect. It’s a must-try for diehard brow enthusiasts! 

Here, we cast an eye towards the process of brow lamination, how it differs from alternative treatments, and why you and your clients need it in your lives ASAP!

How is it done?

Eyebrow lamination is a two-step eyebrow treatment and involves correcting the brow shape. This treatment is suitable for coarse or messy brows as well as very thin, sparsely haired ones. 

Step One: After a personalised brow consultation, the first chemical solution is used to set the brow hairs in place. This solution works by breaking down the bonds in the individual eyebrow hairs, to relax them. In effect, the eyebrow hairs have been chemically straightened. Once broken down, they can be reshaped into the desired appearance confirmed earlier with the brow stylist. 

Step Two: To shape the hairs, another cream is added that this time rebuilds the broken bonds and helps with setting them into their new, more mod look. Afterwards, you can opt for an additional brow tint that works best with the client’s hair colour and skin tone. By using wax, threading, and tweezers, a stylist can map the finished brows to achieve the bushy, flattering look the client has been yearning for…all in about 30-45 minutes! 

brow lamination


The results speak for themselves. While it always helps to have some natural brows to begin with, lamination works on thin brows too. It’s wonderful for targeting those random gaps that can sometimes appear from past overplucking or waxing. 

The lamination effect is also great for people who want to save time – the brows remain perfectly groomed and in place, without having to style them for their duration. 

Brow lamination lasts between 4-6 weeks in most cases, but it can last anything up to 8 weeks with dedicated aftercare. Forget about having disorderly, flat hairs that grow in the wrong direction – lamination can even change the natural growth of the hairs and brow arch into a more ordered, eye-framing format. Brow length can also be extended by up to a third by the process of lamination. 

For any clients scared of trying microblading because of the pain factor, lamination is again a great option as it’s pain-free and you can even keep your eyes open throughout the treatment.


To keep brows looking fresh and to get as much longevity out of your new look, the client should be advised they must keep water, steam and products away from them for 24 hours, while the setting product does its work. It’s as simple as that. 

After the setting period, they may want to try a natural product such as caster oil applied with a small spoolie to keep the lamination hydrated. In a nutshell – there is very little aftercare required! 

brow lamination course

Certificate in Eyebrow Lamination Course

If you’re interested in learning the art of eyebrow lamination, look no further. Australian Beauty School offers a certificate course in Eyebrow Lamination that will teach you how to perfect the necessary steps for fluttering brows that both you and your clients will love! 

By learning about the structure of the hair, the different products involved in lamination, how to shape the brows, apply the product and instruct on aftercare with our short beauty courses, you’ll be ready to welcome your brow lamination clients through the door! 

This online beauty therapy course is great for those who have completed other online makeup courses, or for complete beginners. With tutor support and 24/7 access to materials, you can study with the assistance you need at a pace that suits you. Find out more about our brow lamination course here.

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