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How to become a lash technician

lash technician applying eyelash extensions

Fluttering, bold eyelash extensions are a fan favourite with beauty and lash devotees. For the eyelash technician, demand for this service rivals the most popular professional beauty treatments. And as the beauty industry grows worldwide, there’s never been a better time to study a lash technician course. 

There are so many benefits to building a career as a lash technician, so if you have a passion for beauty, patience in spades and a steady hand, read on: our online lash courses may be perfect for you! 

Why become a lash technician?

The demand for all kinds of beauty services has increased and looks set to continue to grow at a steady rate. As our lives are played out more frequently on camera, due to social media and the rise of video calls at work, more of us want to ensure we look good and ready for our public. 

With this, the industry demand for personal grooming and beauty services has grown. When clients look their best, they feel their best. And if they feel their best, they show up confidently and empowered. 

If you’d like to help make clients look and feel their best, and have an innate passion for all things beauty related, a career as a lash technician could be for you.

lash technician course

Benefits of being a certified lash technician

Eyelash technicians can make a generous wage, which increases with the hours you work and any lash tech courses you complete. As a freelancer you can decide your own hours and how much or little you’d like to work too, which offers great flexibility as a career. You can also choose to set up your own at-home or mobile salon, or alternatively you can apply to work in a salon too.  

Equally, a certification shows potential employers and clients your dedication to learning the craft of applying eyelashes correctly. They can be confident in your ability, as with your certification you’ll have gained an in-depth knowledge about lash grooming, learning from experienced tutors whilst honing your craft. 

If you enjoy meeting new people and helping to transform their look with runway ready lashes, helping to boost their self-esteem, confidence and adding a strut to their step, then the benefits of becoming a certified lash technician speak for themselves.

What does a lash technician do?

The task of a lash technician is advising their clients when choosing their lashes, helping them to decide whether mink, silk or synthetic will be best for the look they want to achieve. They’ll  also advise on the desired lash length and volume, taking into account the client’s natural eyelashes, and consult on tint and lift options. 

They’ll then apply the lashes, keep the application area clean and sanitised, and put the client at ease while the application is occurring. A lash technician will also be expected to guide their client on aftercare practises and removal options. 

A lash technician also covers some basic admin tasks like taking bookings where required, as well as dealing with customer queries and complaints if they occur. Having a confident, warm and friendly manner, as well as technical skill, is a huge asset in this role!

lash technician

Courses of study – lash technician

There’s a reason why so many students have turned to beauty therapy courses online, with flexible, affordable and self-paced study meaning there are no longer any barriers to you unlocking these stunning skills. 

Our lash technician courses cover a Certificate in Eyelash Extensions with a Certificate in Eyelash Lift and Tint, with this advanced lash extension course and lift and tint tutoring helping to expand your top lash skills whilst equipping you with expert beauty knowledge. As real industry professionals created this course, you’ll receive world-class training by the ladies who know the world of beauty inside out.

As part of your studies, we’ll send you a pro beauty kit specifically designed for eyelash extension application and eyelash tint and lift. Whilst the modules in our course will teach you all you need to know about glue, dipping, placement, cleansing, aftercare and customer service. 

Hair structure and anatomy, as well as eye shape, are both important factors when suggesting a lash treatment to your client, which you’ll learn all about in this course, with specialised modules on how to best advise your clients to achieve stunning results. Hygiene and potential health & safety issues when applying lash extensions or tint are also covered in this course material, ensuring you have all the core knowledge you need to build your beauty biz with confidence. 

What are you waiting for? With our online study and all the essential lash tool kits provided, the Certificate in Eyelash Lift and Tint and Certificate in Eyelash Extensions at New Zealand Beauty School are both accessible and flexible, and can help you kickstart your career in the beauty industry today! 

And don’t forget to check out our other courses too, with our short beauty courses designed to cover all the key beauty skills needed to make a true statement within this industry, including our top online makeup courses for New Zealand. Doesn’t the future suddenly look so much more beautiful?

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