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What should a beginner lash tech charge? How to price your services

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Like with anything new, starting is always the most daunting bit of mastering any beautician skill….especially when it comes to being a beginner in lash tech! 

But never fear; we are here to help make things a little clearer and shed some light on how to price your services and a lash tech, to honour your skill and help you to grow your beauty business.

The job of a lash technician

Lash technicians are skilled in helping clients to accentuate eyelashes, whether through the use of extensions and false lashes or through tinting and perming the natural lashes. With lash treatments becoming increasingly popular all over the world, the demand for talented lash technicians is high, and so the industry is wide open for aspiring lash artists.

These are some of the most popular treatments available on the market at the moment:

  • Eyelash extensions – extensions are synthetic lash applications that are attached to the lash line, either in a full set, smaller clumps or individually. There are varying degrees of volume and lift to choose from, and after application, the false lashes should merge seamlessly with the natural lashes and create a more defined, lifted and lengthened look.
  • Eyelash lift and tint – lift and tint treatments darken and uplift the natural lashes, making for a more defined natural look as opposed to full glamour. 
  • Hybrid lashes – combining the best of both worlds, lash extensions join forces with volume technique to create the ultimate defined lashes!

Not only should lash technicians be equipped with all the latest tips and treatments, but they should also have a breadth of knowledge about eyelash health and maintenance, educating clients on how to support natural lash strength and growth.

Becoming a lash technician

Here at the New Zealand Beauty School, we have a range of professionally tailored short beauty courses to give you the best start in a career as an eyelash technician. Our core lash tech courses include a Certificate in Eyelash Extensions and a Certificate in Eyelash Lift and Tint.

All of our courses are online, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn and explore your new craft in the familiar environment of home, and maybe you can even rope some family and friends in to be your beauty guinea pigs!

Like any job, being a lash tech has its pros and cons, and our Australian neighbours over at Locks Lash offer a detailed blog on all the ins and outs of life as a lash technician.

How much does it cost to become a lash tech?

We recognise that financing your future can seem daunting and can often be a deterrent from following your dreams. Our priority is that you get the most out of your training without fretting over the financials, and therefore offer an interest-free tuition plan from as little as $25 a week, or an overall course fee discount when you pay your fees upfront. 

Also, one of the biggest expenses of becoming a lash technician is investing in the materials and equipment needed for the job, so we send you your very own custom-made beauty kit straight to your front door, containing everything you will need to get going with your nail technician course. 

I’m just starting out – what do I need to know?

With an average wage of $20 – $25 per hour, whether you are employed by a pre-existing company or are looking to set yourself a self-employed eyelash technician salary, we would suggest starting at the lower end and gradually increasing your prices as you gain a reputation. That being said, know your worth and be sure to charge for what you think your professional services are worth. It would also be useful to research a general eyelash price list template, giving yourself a clear outline of the costs of your different services and lashes.

You may also be considering ‘how much should a lash tech travel fee be’ if you are a mobile service, you may want to add a travel fee to the charge of the service, which would likely depend on the length of the journey. For instance, you can calculate your prices to charge a certain additional amount based on every mile you have to commute.

For more specific questions such as ‘how much to charge for lash removal?’, ‘how much do classic lashes cost?’ and ‘how much to charge for mink lashes?’ we would recommend comparing the prices of other companies and perhaps getting in contact with people in the industry to ask for advice about how they set their charges when first starting out.

Our Korean neighbours over at BL lashes offer some excellent advice on how to operate your business as a beginner lash technician.

Like what you hear? Get in touch with one of our course advisers today to find out more.

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