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Top tips for creating my first beauty TikTok

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Video sharing platform app TikTok has risen to fame and renown since the start of the 2020 pandemic, keeping us occupied during lockdown with fun dance trends and fancy coffee recipes. However, more recently, it has become a platform for beauty artists to show off their skills and teach others the tips and tricks of the trade.

To start you on your content creator adventure, we have put together a few ideas to help you get started, including a list of famous TikTok influences and top beauty TikTokers, some content hacks when creating your first few videos, as well as ways you can take your passion for sharing beauty content even further.

Our British neighbours over at Elle even talk about just how much of an influence TikTok has had on the beauty industry over the past few years and how it is advancing product placement and marketing, resulting in higher beauty sales.

Who do you wanna be? Seeking inspiration in your chosen field

Still figuring out your style? Hey, don’t stress! One of the best ways to spark your creativity is to learn from those who inspire you, and luckily TikTok beauty has BOOMED in recent years, becoming home to an enormous cast of beauty creators. With the choice of watching many TikTok makeup artists, TikTok hair influencers and nail art storytime TikToks – these influencers are producing videos to encourage, teach and inspire future artists.

Here are just a few of the top beauty influencers currently creating on TikTok:

Rose’s friendly manner and easy-to-follow tips and tutorials make her a favourite amongst the TikTok beauty community. She takes her viewers through various makeup looks for different occasions, the most effective ways to use certain products, as well as videos talking about finding the right makeup products and skin treatments for your unique skin.


Ahliyah encourages you to really take care of YOU, to really take the time to make yourself feel beautiful. She introduces her audiences to lots of different products, as well as creating a more inclusive environment for people of every skin shade.


Alexandra takes her viewers through different beauty hacks and tricks, such as blended lips and proper makeup prep. Her work has an almost futuristic feel, playing with lighter colours such as white and silver and exploring the use of bold lines that enhance the natural angles of the face.

And as for hair and nails, why not take a look at:

@lovekelly – for colourful, dazzling nail art

@vivxue – for intricate pop culture-inspired press on nails

@faithchappelle – for perfecting your curls

@ellissakincade – for advice on hair thinning and loss, as well as creating luscious swoopy lock looks

Best tips for creating top-quality TikToks

You’ve got the passion and talent, but what about the cinematography skills? Our Australian neighbours at Adobe offer some advice on the technicalities!

Here are some of the top things to consider when making beauty TikToks:

Lighting – Can you and the products you are using be seen clearly? Do you prefer the look of natural or artificial light?

Background – What colours are going to compliment your video the best? Do you want a blank background or a natural, homely vibe?

Framing – How do you want the video to look? Will you play around with composition and more artistic styles?

Transitions – TikTok videos are known for their seamless and quirky transitions – is this something you would like to include in your videos?

Sound – Are you planning on talking your audience through what you are doing, or would you rather use a song or one of the famous viral TikTok sounds?

Want to take your love of beauty further?

Does the idea of sharing your work and teaching others how to achieve beautiful makeup, nail and hair looks fill you with excitement? Then perhaps you should consider taking a short beauty course! 

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The sky’s the limit once you realise your potential!

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